The competitive video game industry is growing bigger day by day with more supporters, viewers and tournaments hosted for professional players. One of the most popular games to compete in is Dota 2 as there are tons of events and amazing prize pools of millions of dollars to take part of. This also makes Dota 2 one of the most viewed games with about 40 million twitch hours each month.

The vast interest in this game has reached the eyes of the I-gaming industry, which is now providing the option to place real money bets on these professional matches going down. Not only are you able to find several of the already well-established betting companies providing odds on Dota 2. You’re also able to find plenty of brand new Dota 2 betting sites that have launched to provide a world class betting experience for Dota 2 and eSport fans.

So how do I find these betting sites?

As with any piece of information or service that you require, Google is the king. Since Dota 2 became available for betting, eSport fans all over the world has created various websites that list all of the betting sites where you’re able to place real money bets on Dota 2. While some just list them, others have gone the extra mile to review them and provided valuable information about them. This includes how good their coverage of Dota 2 odds is; when the support is available; how long a withdrawal takes to process and other information that is good to be aware of.

Be picky with your choice

There are plenty of different Dota 2 betting sites to choose from and you therefore have all the right to be picky. You might be excited to get started placing those bets, but choosing the right site can benefit you greatly and it’s therefore recommended to spend a few minutes checking out a couple of different ones.

Two very important factors to the experience are the amount and type of bonuses you can receive and how wide the selection of different markets is. Taking part of bonuses is always a great way to boost your chances of making a profit and choosing a betting site that has a great welcome offer and regular campaigns running can therefore be very beneficial.

The selection of different markets is important if you would like to get a higher level of entertainment. On many of the betting sites you’re limited to placing your bets on who will win the match, while others have a huge selection of things you can bet on. This includes what team will draw first blood; who will destroy the first tower; reach a certain number of kills first and a lot of other options as well. Not only do a wide selection of these markets make the betting experience more enjoyable, but it could actually benefit your profits as well as you might be able to find valuable odds.