It is fair to say that trading technology has come a long way since it was first introduced. With the advent of the internet, numerous trading platforms have come into existence, and millions of investors/traders use them to access global markets and make investments on a daily basis. From forex to precious metals, they have opened up the world of trading, so here are some of the cutting edge features included in most trading platforms.

Automated Trading

There are now countless trading strategies applied by traders across the world. For those more experienced investors who trade full time, automated trading technology is often used to help them implement their strategy without them having to constantly monitor a screen.

This innovative addition to trading platforms works by placing buy/sell orders based on market information. If certain conditions are met (in line with the trader’s strategy) then the automated trading technology can buy and sell on behalf of the trader. Whilst this advanced feature is not for everyone, it is certainly useful to those who are confident with their strategy and don’t want to miss investment opportunities.

Mobile Accessibility

Any decent trading platform needs to have mobile accessibility, as it gives traders far more flexibility with regards to when and where they can trade. Most mobile trading platforms have all the same features as a desktop trading platform, and are equally as effective at executing trades.

This makes them incredibly useful to those traders who do not want to be sat at a desk monitoring the markets all day, as they can instead take their trading/portfolio wherever they go, and access it at times suitable to them.

Charting Technology

No trading platform would be complete without up to date, cutting edge charting technology, which helps all traders to read the markets and make investment decisions accordingly. It is one of the tools which helps with technical analysis, and uses technical indicators amongst other features to help traders inform and implement their strategy.

This type of technology will most likely continue to be developed into the future, becoming increasingly accurate and easy to use. It can help with analysing any market, making the collation of information from different markets a much simpler task. It also gives many traders the confidence they need to make regular investments, so is now a staple of modern day trading.

These are just a few of the features of current trading platforms. Whilst all may vary slightly in their usability/functionality, the very best will be comprehensive, offering traders everything they need to read global market behaviour as well as the ability to be flexible with their trading timetable. There will likely be many more exciting features available further down the line as platforms continue to grow and develop.