Are you finding it difficult to get your brand noticed?  Have you wondered why a strategy you think is great isn’t producing the desired results? Do you wish you knew what social media platform will give you the best ROI? Most likely at some point you have thought about these questions.

With about a third of the world’s population using some form of social media, you would be making a mistake if you didn’t embrace these platforms to help build your brand. While there isn’t some magical strategy that works for everyone, there are certain proven approaches to social media that expert marketers use to increase the visibility of their brands. These following tips will help you get social media to work for you.

Figure Out What Works by Embracing Analytics

Before a business starts investing time and money in a new strategy, they need to know what has been working and what hasn’t. By analyzing the approaches your business has already tried, you will know where you should focus your energy.

Engaging a specialist like Chatmeter to look over your online presence can help you to better understand what approaches have worked in the past and figure out ways to proceed in the future to increase your online presence.

Create a Plan for Social Media Channels

This one is for bigger businesses. Don’t make the mistake of creating one type of content that is going to be used for all social media platforms.  Most businesses want different results for each social media platform, so you should create a defined plan for each platform that you use.

A good plan will include your goals, who you are targeting, the type of content you will use, what behavior you want to influence, and how will one platform work with the other platforms you are using. This way, you will have realistic expectations about the results you should expect while increasing the effectiveness of the platforms that have benefitted you in the past.


Scale Your Social Media Platforms to Your Business Size

If your brand is just starting or your business is for a small niche, you may not have the resources to be able to use every platform. Use that analysis you had the pros do to find the platform that is the most densely populated with the customers you wish to target and focus on them. You don’t need to branch out to every platform—instead scale up or down the number of platforms you use to meet your business size and goals.

Be Consistent

One of the best ways to get customers to notice you is to give them regular opportunities to see your brand. There is truth to the old adage out of sight out of mind, but a business can’t make this mistake.

If you put content up regularly, then the customers you are targeting are more likely to remember your brand. The easiest way to accomplish this is to make a point of putting out content at the same time on the same days.

Don’t Forget Your Commenters

Social media platforms love their algorithms to figure out what content to show. One determining factor is engagement, of which a major component is comments.

Make an effort to reply to commenters in a timely fashion. This way, when consumers see that you are replying to comments quickly, they will be more likely to comment themselves. This will help you crack the mystery of the algorithm, which will then get you featured more prominently in social media feeds.

Be Efficient with Time Management

There are only so many hours in the work day. Keep track of the time you spend in meetings, creating content, dealing with correspondence or simply thinking about your business. This way you can see where you are spending your time at work and figure out if you should be spending more or less time dealing with certain tasks. This will increase productivity and help you stay more organized.


 Ideally, a company will be able to do all these things. Even if you can only incorporate some of these ideas, they will make a noticeable difference in your social media presence, and in turn, that will increase a brand’s marketing potential.