Baccarat is somewhat challenging for beginners and sometimes to pro as well. It is not a straightforward game like Blackjack and other casino games. How to beat Baccarat needs some approach and detailed understanding of the game. Before knowing how to crack the game, you must know the fundamental challenges thrown by Baccarat.


Challenges In Playing Baccarat

  • The result of every hand is not interdependent on your call. You don’t have control of increasing the odds to win.


  • The ranking method is unique, and you can go with your intuitions.


  • The rules are sounding weird, and take some time getting familiar with the game. It is important to know how to beat Baccarat and then you can start playing and become the witness to a victory.


10 Tips To Keep in Mind While Playing Baccarat


  1. Stay Familiar With The Odds


Odds are the primary thing in a casino game, and Baccarat is no exception to it. You can have some idea of the odds even though you can have control over them. This will increase the chance of winning on a long-run.


Banker Bet will have 45% winning odds with a house edge of 1%, and the player bet has 44% winning odds chance and house edge of 1.24%. The tie bet will offer 9% chance of winning and 14% on the house edge.


The percentage includes the 5% standard casino tax. So now, you can decide how you want to bet whether on banker, players or tie. This makes sense and will undoubtedly get you a chance to win Baccarat.


  1. Avoid Betting On A Tie


As you notice from the percentage of winning odds on a tie has a lesser chance of winning. The most suckers bet. Compared to the other two odds this betting option stands a very low probability of winning and a professional player may not prefer this bet. Even though bet on the tie will reap an enormous benefit but at the cost of the bankroll, and hence it is better to stay away.


  1. Give A Betting Try on the Banker


As again from the tip one, it is evident that a banker bet will yield more chances of winning odds. You can ask why not a player because the stakes are almost close to each other in gaining. However, when you see the house edge, then banker stands a better place. You can get more insights on this point and know how to beat Baccarat.


  1. On A Progressive Bet, Player Bet Is A Better Choice


If you think that the previous point contradicts with this one, then you’re wrong. Understand the reason behind it, every progressive bet like Martingale system offers double amount after losing in the betting. This example will explain better about this trick. When you are winning for the fifth time and wagered 25, 50, 100, and 200 dollars respectively, then you will get 400 dollars the doubled amount of your last bet. You lost 375 but gained 400, and after commission, you still take home 5 dollars. Hence, on a progressive model, try to go for the player betting option.


  1. Identify the Flaws


The betting system is not fool-proof and understands the flaw to make more ways toward your victory.  The betting system type includes positive and negative progression. As the name implies positive will increase your profit amount when you win on a progressive bet, but the negative will put you down.


  1. Work Towards A Goal


Instead of playing on an open system, set some targets and chase them to have more focus. Also, the goal will drive you to get not only your investment but also some profits. The goal is setting further disciplines you, and you will move out of the game after you get what you wished for. Unlike open gambling will tempt you and make you an addict.


  1. Go Slow


Slots and Baccarat are similar. More like pulling the slot’s arm and no logic can be applied. You can keep playing continuously and within no time you can either win or lose. They are absolutely no brains need to be used and thus go slow. Not to be greedy about making money by playing a rapid-fire round of loss also will equally more. Since there is no logic and you have no control over winning you can move slow and give your best. Thereby your bankroll will stay for a longer time.


  1. Bet In Pattern


This may not increase the chance of winning more, but you can have an engaging game session.


Start with alternating a pattern by betting on the player in the first hand and banker on the second. Repeat this the third and fourth time.  Such models will help you win at least one or more times.


  1. Learn About Commission


Every time betting on the banker will get you some bonus, and the house can round the commission to the closest quarter. By understanding this concept, one can bet based on the maximum commission it offers.


  1. Make an Effective Bankroll


You must know how to manage your bankroll, as there are chances for more loss as well. Therefore, you must maintain your bankroll with enough fund, and you can do that following the three tips.


Make small bets as low as 5 dollars and manage your commission by betting on the banker. Then bet on layer for one dollar.


Make sure about your loss limits and do not continue beyond.


Do not overboard on more hands, play it within the limit, and be firm to move out once you’re done with few hands. Irrespective or win or loss makes sure to take a break and then resume to play Baccarat.



It is fun to play casino and Baccarat can give you a great experience. However, it requires the considerable knowledge of how to beat Baccarat. Always stay within limits and follow the tips. Good news is you can sign-up and earn some welcome bonus.

Happy Gaming!