It’s not easy to choose new headphones, with all the different models on sale you really need to know some important information beforehand. By following this simple infographic you’ll end with a pair that really fits for you. Here are some of the important points from this infographic.

How to Choose Earphones


What are drivers? These are the core part of any headphone that translates the electrical signal into audible sound. There are two types here: 1: Electrostatic: These are used in over-ear type headphones. 2: Balanced Armature: This type is used in the in-ear types of headphone.

Which form should you get?

1: Earbuds: These headphones are small, portable and cheap, but tend to fall out during exercise and don’t offer great quality sound and noise isolation. 2: In-ear Headphones: These headphones fit around and inside of your ears and are better suited to exercise. To know more about them here is a recommended in ear headphones guide by List Enthusiast. 3: On-ear Headphones: These headphones are what most people think of when they think of standard headphones. These headphones sit on top of your ears and produce quality sound. These can also be good for exercise, but they can have problems in sound leakage. 4: Over-ear Headphones: These sit over the entire ear and offer the best overall sound quality. These have two sub-type, the open backed which allow a noise to flow in and out, and closed back which also act as an exterior noise canceler. The closed back type are perfect for home theater systems, while the open back types work great for DJ type work.

Other factors:

Wired or wireless: Wired headphones offer better sounds quality but poor cables can break, and cables of incorrect length can offer a whole host of new problems, so be sure to check the length before you buy. Wireless headphones are much more portable but also require changing or batteries and offer slightly lower sound quality. Durability: Heavier headphones will tend to have a higher lifespan, but higher quality headphones can also mean a longer life. Remember: just because a brand is more expensive does not mean it is of better quality, check some online reviews first! Comfort: If you’re going to be wearing these for a while then you want to make sure they don’t irritate or chafe you in any way, so try to check them out beforehand. Microphone: This is an import component if you intend to use the headphones for online gaming, so be sure to get one with built in headphones if this is your intended use.