Suppose, you have precious images and documents saved on your PC, hard drive, SSD, or any storage devices and you have lost them accidentally. You will be looking for some ways to recover them back and store them in the different location. If you Google about the recovery options, then you will come across different softwares who promises you to recover your data in a safe and secure way. But, when you try them after working for hours on that software, you find that this software is not capable of doing such things which were promised to you at the time of download. So, we have got the best recovery software for you which can help you to recover your data in faster and secure way.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the best free data recovery software to recover the deleted, formatted or lost data from the laptop, PC and removable devices easily and in no time.

You just have to follow three easy steps to recover your lost data, where you have to launch the software, start a quick scan and recover the lost data easily.

Powerful data Recovery wizards

EaseUS helps you to retrieve the lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, and emails from removable devices and other storage Medias easily.

  • PC Data Recovery Wizard: You can recover the deleted files from an external hard drive, SSDs, and hard drives on your laptops, PCs, and even lost or deleted partitions.
  • Memory Card Recovery Wizard: You recover the lost data from SD card, CF card, memory stick and Micro Card which were damaged or corrupted.
  • USB Drive Recovery Wizard: You can retrieve lost data from pen drive, flash drive, USB drive and other removable storage devices which were lost due to accidental deletion, virus attacking or formatting.
  • Digital Device Recovery Wizard: You can rescue the lost data from digital devices like mobile phones, digital camera, music and video player and iPod which were deleted due to formatting, hardware crash or virus attack.

Different Data Loss Crisis

EaseUS is the powerful software which allows you to recover the files which were lost due to deletion, formatting or hardware crash. Also, recently there was a Ransomware attack, because of which data was lost. EaseUS is capable of recovering the data from such situations too.

  • Hard Drive Failure
  • Virus Attack
  • Accidental Deletion
  • RAW Partition
  • System crash
  • Hard Drive failure

How to recover the files from EaseUS?

First, you have to go to EaseUS website and then download the data recovery wizard on your PC or laptop.

  • Firstly, launch the EaseUS wizard
  • Then, select the partition where you have lost the data.
  • After selection, click on Scan. The tool will automatically scan for all the files. The first scan will be faster, and then the Deep scan will be automatically launched for further files.
  • Once, the scan is completed, you can preview the files and then chose the files to recover.
  • Make sure you select the other location just to avoid overlapping of the files.