Drones, an unmanned aerial vehicle, are very much the range in 2016. Using drones for photography can you produce some breathtaking shots and some spectacular videos from heights you could only reach in a helicopter or plane. As expected though, there are also the drones purposely built for selfies. The selfie drone as reported by europalace allows the user to be caught in the most natural positions as it follows the user around snapping away. It is fitted with a 13 megapixel camera that can take photos and videos as well as image stabilization so you can always get that perfect shot.

There a number of popular drones one the market that aren’t quite so selfie friendly though. Some of the most popular are the Parrot AR drone, and the Dji Phantom. Setting up the drone itself can prove quite tricky, but we’re on hand to help!

Upon unboxing your Parrot AR drone, the first thing you should do is put it on charge, and whilst its rejigging its batteries, download the free iOS app named “FreeFlight”. Found on the bottom of the drone are two buttons, reset and unpair, that require pressing with a long thin object, such as a pin. If you’re using a pre-owned drone then you will need to press the unpair button in order to make the drone unique to your device.

Now you’re almost ready to go. Once the batteries are fully charged, the system LED light will turn green, and now its time to go to your phone’s WiFi settings to connect to the network named “androne_parrot”.

And there you have it, it’s as simple as that! Who’d have thought that such futuristic technology would be so simple to set up. However, one thing to remember is that if you are flying your drone outside, be sure to head to the app to turn the outdoor functions one. They can be found under the names Outdoor Flight and Outdoor Shell functions, pretty self-explanatory really!

The Dji Phantom is just as easy to navigate with a number of a clever features. You are able to see just what the camera sees with a real-time HD downlink, an attribute which can allow you to capture the perfect frame, or even just let you take in your wonderful surroundings. In addition to this, the full manual controls make it as if you were holding a real camera.

Smartphones allow you to do a number of things with just a swipe, and here, you can take-off and land the drone with a simple swipe of the finger. The Dji Phantom 3 standard has a vertical range of 30 metres, the same height as Christ the Redeemer!

The map feature lets you track the devices entire flight, and you can even activate the return to home feature, which returns the device to its initial starting point, highlighting the incredible strength of its GPS. As well as the flight path, actual data of the flight can also be automatically synchronized. The data displays location, distance, time, and even the maximum altitude.

And of course you don’t want to keep your wonderful snaps to yourself, so the instant edit and share feature allows your family and friends to your work immediately.