Drones have been around for more than a century already, but it wasn’t until 2010 that a French company put out the first ever drone available to the public. Since then, the revenue generated by the sales of commercial drones has been increasing and amounted to more than 2.9 billion US dollars in 2017. But just like how you should avail of auto insurance while buying a car or any valuable item, you should also get insurance for your drone. Read on to find out more about the importance of and process involved in getting drone insurance even if it sounds somewhat foreign to you right now.

Why Is Getting Drone Insurance Important?

 If you bought yourself a drone whose price is within the five- and six-digit range, that already is an investment. It only follows that you should get drone insurance. But how important is drone insurance that you shouldn’t skimp on it?

  1. Drone insurance shoulders medical expenses from drone-related injuries.

 Say, you’re capturing an aerial shot of a crowd at an outdoor music festival using your drone. There’s no telling when it can suddenly malfunction and crash into someone’s head. If you have a midweight drone that weighs between 50 and 200 kilograms, imagine an average-sized pig falling on top of your head and you’ll immediately understand how a drone hitting a person can cost a trip to the hospital. You wouldn’t want to run away from the damage that your drone did, or else you may face legal trouble.


Unfortunately, medical bills can easily reach thousands of dollars depending on the injury, and you are doomed if you’re paying for them out of your own pocket. Fortunately, drone insurance can cover any medical expenses due to injuries caused by your drone, so you have one less worry when mishaps do occur.

2.Drone insurance pays for damage that your drone may cause to someone’s property.

 Even if you consciously avoid flying your drone overcrowded places, you can never tell when it may crash into someone’s house or car. What’s more upsetting for the owner of the house or car is if your drone came out unscathed while their property got considerably destroyed. You should thus be ready and responsible enough to pay for the damage that your drone caused by way of a drone insurance.

3.Drone insurance foots the bill should your uncrewed aerial vehicle need any expensive repairs.

 Your drone can crash in an open ground or a thick forest, harboring serious damage. You can either fix your drone yourself or seek the help of drone repair professionals. If you choose the latter, be ready with the repair cost as it can go nearly as high as the price of a brand new drone. Should you pursue a less expensive hobby instead? You don’t need to stop flying your uncrewed aircraft for good as long as you have drone insurance that can cover repair costs.

How to Get Drone Insurance

 Availing of drone insurance is easy if you follow this step-by-step process:

  1. Compare drone insurance prices from more than a couple of providers.

 Determining the exact cost of drone insurance can be a challenge as different providers have different coverage amounts to offer. You’ll thus want to do comparison shopping to get the best insurance suited to your budget and needs.

2.Decide whether you want to avail of hull insurance aside from the usual liability one.

 Drone insurance comes in two types, namely, liability and hull insurance. The former is not compulsory but very important, especially in case of damage to persons or property. You may want to get the latter as well if you foresee your drone sustaining significant damage that may render it inoperable and whose repair costs can set you back financially.

3.Lower your risk exposure so that you won’t have to contribute a high premium to your drone insurance policy.

 The amount of premium that you have to pay for your drone insurance policy depends on the degree of risk that your drone is exposed to. Some of the factors that can affect your drone insurance premium amount are as follows:

  • Number of flying hours you’ve acquired thus far
  • Drone operating environment
  • Any record of an accident involving your drone

To achieve a lower premium amount for your drone insurance policy, lessen your exposure to risk by clocking in perhaps a hundred flying hours or so and flying your drone in a place that isn’t crowded or doesn’t have too many buildings, cars, and electrical hazards.


The least you can do to protect yourself financially in case anything terrible may happen that involves your drone is to have it insured just like any other vehicle (because technically it is one). Let the above discussion inform you of the importance of drone insurance and the process of getting one.