Building and running a website is serious business, yet strangely so many people treat it as an afterthought. For every company or start-up that has looked at designing and building a website there is probably a person who has piped up volunteering a brother, an uncle or a friend to do the build. It is almost as though there is a notion that anyone can build a website. And the truth is that with platforms like WordPress and Wix it is almost possible for anyone to create a site – but there is a big difference between creating a site and creating one that will fulfil your objectives. As such, here are a few simple reasons why you should engage with a professional rather than your contact who can build a solution on the side.

Devil is in the detail

A website can look nice and have good content on it, but if nobody sees it then it is useless. And one of the most important ways to ensure that traffic arrives at your site is to know what you are doing with SEO marketing. The search engine optimization element of the website is complicated, and it starts with the build. You can invest as much as you want in paid search and fresh content, but if the build doesn’t adhere to the basic principles of SEO then you are going to be on the backfoot right from the outset.


This might come as a shock, but websites break down from time to time. Many is the person who laments the fact that their website has fallen-over, despite them not doing anything to it. This is just the reality of working in the digital space. Servers change, there are hackers and load can vary. Sometimes the code can be bad. Whatever the reason, every once in a while, websites go down. And when that happens you need to know that there is somebody available to make a fix and restore the platform. If you work with a one-man operation that means you are completely reliant on them being available all the time. Sure, they might do a good job, and yes, they will be cheap, but there is a reason for that, because there is strength in numbers and peace of mind does come at a cost.

Your best solution

Websites might look the same from the front end, but there is a lot that goes into the backend. And while anyone can build a website, you need to make sure that the solution that you get is built in the best way for your needs and not in the only way that your contact is able to do the platform. In other words, if your uncle is a Java guy, he could provide you with a solution, but is a Java solution the way to go? There are so many different tech solutions that could be implemented, and you need to decide what is best – don’t just ask for a price and timelines, that is a recipe for plenty of frustration and a lot of pain.