Contrary to what your parents may have told you, those countless hours spent trying to beat a certain level in a video game were not completely unproductive. As it turns out, numerous studies show that playing video games actually do provide benefits to gamers, and you don’t even need to be a current video game player to receive those benefits.

While current gamers do enjoy better performance and less errors than their non-gamer counterparts, people who have played an excess of video games in their past were also reported to make fewer errors and achieve faster completion so use cheats to avoid that. Those scores even get better the longer you play video games.

Further studies show that the skills you acquired from video games are retained, which means that you already have an advantage over others even if you just played video games when you were younger.

Gaming teens also score higher in several tests such as math, reading and science when compared with non-gaming teens – a direct contradiction when comparing teens who preferred to spend their days on social media.