It’s been more than a decade since Counter Strike has struck the competitive spirit in eager gamers that want to demonstrate their skills online against other people. Today, CS GO is the perfect opportunity for the same competitive spirit to manifest and encourage people to better themselves so that they can succeed in multiplayer. CS GO is now an E-sport, meaning that pro players are competing for big prizes that regular players admire greatly. Players always try to emulate pros but most often times they don’t know what pro characteristics they should really strive to emulate. If you’re interested in what you can easily learn from the pros, check out this useful list:

Settings and configurations

It is very important how you set up your rig before you actually start a CSGO game. Make sure that you are on top of configs by looking up the best pro CSGO configs. This can give you a true competitive edge in online play. Pros spend a lot of time with the game and have advanced knowledge about what works best so keeping an eye on their configs is very useful when you’re trying to get the best results.


You can play CSGO without any special or particular gear. However, if you want to put out the most damage, convey the best tactical prowess and overall be the best that you can be, you’re going to need to invest a bit. You don’t have to spend a fortune on powerful gear but you do have to get a gaming mouse that can help you get the accuracy you need. Watch pros and see what kind of mice and keyboards they use. They take that equipment in tournaments and play with them on stage, so you can be sure that they’re worth looking into.

Tricks and tips

If you want to be as good as the pros, watch their content. A lot of the stream online and also upload YouTube videos. All that content shows footage of how they play and what they do in every situation. This can be very useful as you can emulate the same tricks and tips that you see on screen. Some pros know really useful tricks regarding the best routes on each map or what to do in every situation. This revolves around useless things you can learn, not just spamming A and D on the keyboard so your soldier has a stroke. They can also teach you about what weapons work best on each map and the different interactions between weapons and maps.

That being said, be sure to check out your favorite pro players and learn from their play sessions. Even when they’re playing for their own amusement and not competitively, they still put out content that you can use to improve your own skills and learn.