Modern business owners all understand the concept of using social media for the sake of growing a business, but how many people actually understand how to effectively use it to grow a company? With so many different social media platforms to use, it can sometimes be difficult to truly embrace the idea of using social in your business.

So to help you out, we’re going to be explaining a couple of important points to consider when using social media for business growth. We’ll be touching on some of the platforms that you can use and also how to effectively use it for the sake of growing a company.

Finding the Right Platforms to Use

No social media platforms are the same. Every platform differs in user base and features, so they will naturally vary in customer support availability and also their potential to expose your company. An obvious comparison to make is between Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You could use all three of them, but they do have their own uses.


Instagram is mainly focused on pictures and comments from users. This is great if you have a lot of items to show off, or if your company is based on design as opposed to technical specifications. For example, if you sell prints, shirts or other types of clothing, then you may be tempted to focus on Instagram as opposed to Facebook or Twitter. There isn’t much integration with Instagram and it’s mostly about the visual design and appeal from your images. Your calls to action will mainly be focused on your information, the images you use and also the comments you leave. Messages need to be fun, exciting and snappy, so it requires some mastery of how social media works and the types of messages you write up.


Twitter, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of what Instagram embraces. Instead of being focused on images, Twitter is all about short-form messages that are quick, snappy and informative. Utilizing Twitter correctly involves a lot of knowledge of how the internet works and also how to connect with your audience. Through little industry jokes or by connecting with influencers, you can use Twitter amazingly well provided that you have a dedicated social media or community manager. Twitter is one of those social media platforms that need constant monitoring–more so than both Facebook and Instagram combined. Because of this, correctly utilizing Twitter requires a lot more time investment than you might think.


Facebook is a type of in-between. While it’s not completely focused on images, it does offer the most types of content that are commonly used to grow a brand. Facebook supports images, videos, audio, advertisements, slideshows, collages and many other types of content. Because it is far more versatile, it is the go-to choice for social media users and has arguably the largest audience of the three. If you want to ensure that your business remains successful, then investing in Facebook is a smart solution. Facebook also has the advantage of being widely used for business purposes, so whether you’re looking for a Facebook phone number to contact for assistance or simply want to live chat with a representative to give you a hand, there are many ways to get in touch. There are also plenty of guides, third-party services and apps that will help you use Facebook to your advantage, so it’s certainly one of the more tempting options when it comes to utilizing social media for business growth.

How Does Business Growth on Social Media Work?

There are many different ways to utilize social media for business growth, and here are the most common methods that you will be using:

  • Get talking and create new business leads. You can participate in a leads group to help you generate leads and build a larger network of contacts. This ultimately increases your brand exposure and it means that you’ll be a more recognizable name. In short, the more times you appear on the internet, the more likely you’ll grow.
  • Keep up to date with industry knowledge. You can benefit from social media by simply just keeping up with the latest trends and industry knowledge. For instance, if there’s a sudden growing trend then social media is often the first to know about it. As such, it’s important to stay connected to social media at all times to ensure that you’re staying up to date with all the industry happenings.
  • Search engine optimization strategies. Because social media pages are indexed by Google, increasing your brand’s exposure will directly affect your search rankings and how often you appear on Google in general. This ultimately means that more people will know about your business when using a search engine and this will drastically improve your business.