How to convert YouTube Videos to MP3

Are you tired of playing your favourite songs on You Tube because they are not available anywhere else? There are videos of lesser known independent artists that you want to take with you on your MP3 player. They have not yet released a single or a formal studio record, but there are plenty of videos of them on their YouTube channels. Other well-known and lesser known artists like to improvise, and there is plenty of improvisation material on the Internet. Some of it is worth enough to be added to a playlist.

There is now a direct way to convert those YouTube videos in a simple and portable MP3 format. I found this page, where you can do it in just three simple steps, fast, easy and for free. Furthermore, you can download the MP3 file directly to your mobile phone.

Have you ever seen a random video and liked the music behind it? Maybe you like a music video and want it in an mp3 format for downloading purposes.

There are many online software and websites that allow you to accomplish this but it can get confusing at times. Most of all you would like to have better bit rate options in order to convert video into quality mp3.

Now, you don’t have to go anywhere else because TheYouMp3 is a useful platform where you can convert any video into mp3. The process is really easy and you can get your mp3 in high quality.

There are no limits. You can convert any number of videos, and there is no need to install additional software. It doesn’t matter if it is just a 30-second video or 2 hours, you can still convert it. The result is sent downloaded directly to your preferred device in a 192 kbps quality MP3 file. Give it a try and visit now!

To make it clearer for you, we will explain how to convert YouTube Videos to MP3. Follow this tutorial and start transforming your favourite videos into portable MP3 files today.

How to Convert Video into Mp3?

  1. Here are few easy steps that you can follow to convert any video into quality mp3:
  2. Go to
  3. You will come to landing page with a search bar
  4. In this search bar, paste the link of the video you want to convert
  5. Press convert
  6. The software will convert your link into mp3 and provide you with a download link
  7. Using this link, you can download the converted content into your device

STEP 1. Place the Link to the Video

Go to TheYoump3 webpage at:


There you will find a field to paste the link you wish to convert. Only look for your favourite video and copy the URL that shows on top of your browser. Then, place your mouse on the empty field and click to set the cursor there. If you are not sure of where to paste it, look for the area pointed with the yellow arrow:

 STEP 2. Click Convert

All you need to do next is click convert. The system will do everything else for you.



Depending on the length of the video you are converting, it can take a few seconds or some minutes for a very long one. You will see a progress bar that will fill as it converts the video. Next, you will see a page with the Download button.You can now proceed to the following step.


STEP 3. Download

There are various ways to proceed with this final step. You may use any of them depending on what you want to do next with your MP3 record:

  • Download the file to your computer.
  • Download the file to your mobile device.

Download the file to your Computer

To download the file to your PC, just click the download button.


The file will be automatically stored in your downloads folder. You may move it from there to your preferred location and enjoy your newly created MP3 file.

Download the file to your mobile device

If you want the file to be stored on your mobile device, then you have to use a QR reader. If you don’t have it, then look for one at the App Store or the Play Store depending on your OS. If you have iOS (for iPad or iPhones), I recommend you to use QR Reader. It is free and reliable. For Android, there is an App called QR Code Reader. You may try a few. There are many free options to choose.

Once you have it, point at the QR code on your screen:


Depending on the App you have, you will be asked what to do next. Some other Apps might start the download automatically.

What can you do next?

After the download, you may Convert Another Video. Remember that there is no limit, so you may convert as many videos as you want.

To keep the internet with such useful and free sites, you can also make a donation at this point starting at 5 dollars. To pay you may use your PayPal account or Credit Card.

Another good thing to do is to spread the word. Do it with the conveniently located options to share in social networks.

Why Use TheYouMp3?

The internet is full of website that allows you to covert video into audio. However, with TheYouMp3, you will be able to enjoy not only an easy to follow procedure but hassle free experience. Many websites that allow a similar procedure often require users to make user accounts. This website does not require any such thing and you can complete the conversion process as soon as you reach the landing page.

Moreover, there is no limit on the length of video you want to convert. Furthermore, you can convert an infinite amount of videos. All of this provided without comprising on the quality of conversion.

Users don’t have to install any extra software to complete the process; from entering the link to download link, it is an easy to follow and smooth process. TheYouMp3 provides fast conversion times and a completely free service.

Finally, add your MP3 file to your favourite playlist and enjoy the music!