There is always a wave of hype when new upcoming games are announced. And each year has something awesome to offer. But with new games, there is often the need for new gear. You don’t want to get a game that will not mount on your PC. Plus, you won’t want to miss out on the high resolution that you will enjoy with better gear. However, buying new gear can be expensive and you want to ensure that you get the right equipment the first time round. So if you are looking to upgrade, or you are a first-time gamer, here are a few tips to help you make the right purchase.

How to Buy Gaming Gear

1.      Check the Platform

There are a lot of games that are released for all platforms. But the play experience for each game is made much different depending on whether you are using a console player or PC player. You must remember that there are exclusive games that can only be played on a particular platform. So make sure that you check out the platform for the games you really want to play.

For gaming consoles, there are several available in the market. The most popular include Xbox 360 and PlayStation. Every few years manufacturers release new consoles with better graphics and upgraded features. Although the new consoles can play games from the older ones, new games can only be played on new consoles. They are quite pricey but very necessary. Before you buy one, ensure you like the games that come with it, or that the games you enjoy can be played on that specific console. Failure to do this leads a lot of gamers to sell almost brand new consoles. Be sure to check these out as they go for a fraction of the original post and you may save some money.

If you choose to go with PC, consider the graphic-intense games in the market. These games require powerful graphic cards, super fast processors and lots of memory. You can buy a gaming computer with all these components at their best, which is expensive, or you can get a computer you can afford and upgrade the components separately as needed.

2.      Pick the Best Accessories

After the task of buying the latest console, or the best gaming PC, comes the important task of picking the accessories that will make your gaming experience epic. Clunky keyboards, uncomfortable headsets, and an old mouse will derail your experience. Since you are likely to have spent a fortune already, you need peripherals that are affordable and can last long in light of the countless hours you will spend gaming. Be sure to check gaming peripheral news to find out about the latest accessories in the market. But here are the basics for what you should be looking for:

  • A robust mouse with multiple buttons plus software for profile customization
  • Comfortable headsets with powerful surround sound features
  • A hardy keyboard that is both comfortable and easy to use

3.      Consider Mobility

If you decide to buy a PC platform, it is important to consider your mobility. Will you prefer to set up a PC in a dedicated room, or do you want to take your gaming with you? A gaming laptop is a good investment if you prefer the latter. You can take it with you as you travel, to campus, or to gaming marathons with your friends. As long as it has a durable battery, a laptop will be the best option for the gamer on the go.

4.      Check Product Reviews

To ensure you buy a laptop or PC that bests suits your gaming needs, go over multiple reviews. Do thorough research especially for PCs as you have to buy several components. Check each component individually so you can get the best configuration. For a gaming laptop, the work is easier as they come pre-made, so you only have to check gaming laptop reviews.

5.      Follow Gaming Gurus

Most gaming gurus have websites and online video channels. They offer advice and tips on the latest peripherals and always give reviews of newly released gaming consoles. Follow their pages and subscribe to their channels to get the most current information.

6.      Join Gaming Forums

There are multiple forums where gamers discuss the latest gaming systems and their accessories. Join them to get expert advice from long time gamers on what system best suits you before you make a purchase. You will also get configuration tips that will improve your gaming experience.

7.      Be on the Lookout for Discounts

Always be alert during national events and holidays. They present opportunities for major stores to offer discounts and sales. Your favorite gaming gear might just be on sale and you should take advantage and save some money.You can find discounts online through sites like Groupon. They have gamestop discount codes to help you save money on your purchases.


When it comes to gaming, your play experience is fully dependent on the gear that you buy. These tips will guide you in purchasing the right gear for epic game time.