Meetings happen all the time regardless of the business size. However, business leaders conduct meetings in different ways. Some leaders prefer a formal meeting environment where everyone sits on chairs at a roundtable. Others prefer a more casual discussion on a sofa. Some leaders want to have organised and scheduled meetings, while others pop up for short meetings any time they want. As a leader, you can choose whatever method you think would be suitable for the type of company that you are running. However, you need to remember to avoid these mistakes to ensure a smooth meeting.

Inviting everyone

 One of the reasons why meetings drag on for too long is because not everyone inside the meeting room needs to be there. You only need to invite the ones who have direct involvement in the subjects you want to raise. You can set up a different meeting involving another group of people.

Speaking most of the time

 It is another mistake to have a monopoly of the speaking time. You want to make everyone feel engaged during the discussion, and it helps if you allow attendees to have the opportunity to speak. They will also feel like you value them if you listen to their suggestions. It does not matter what opinion they give as long as you acknowledge their effort in providing one.

Not valuing time

 When you organise a meeting, and you promise everyone it will be over in an hour, it needs to stop in an hour. You can’t drag it on for another hour, or else people will feel tired and bored. Not keeping your promises is not a sign of a good leader.

Not having a clear agenda

 Before people enter the meeting room, they need to know what you are going to discuss. They might also want to prepare before the meeting begins. If there is no clear agenda, they will feel confused and might not fully participate in the discussion. They will then start talking among themselves and the meeting will become delayed.

Not having good visuals

 You don’t want the meeting to feel dry and dull. You can avoid it by having good visuals. Prepare your presentation with excellent graphics and videos if you can. Invest in a quality monitor like a flat screen TV. You can also buy a TV wall mount to hang the monitor for everyone to see.

Being too easy on people

 There is nothing wrong in trying to have an open and democratic discussion during the meeting. However, there are instances when you have to be firm with your decision. If you allow everyone to complain and stop things from happening, the company will not move forward. It helps if you try asserting your authority without being autocratic.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you will have a more fruitful and meaningful discussion during the session. You can encourage everyone to join the conversation and achieve the goals that you set before the meeting.