The Best Apps For Your Apple Watch

Becoming mobile is the immediate aim of current technology. All new age gadgets are portable and convenient. Various apps allow you to turn just about any smart mobile device into a toolbox, ready for any job. Now with the inception of wearable smart tech like smartwatches, we get to carry a whole new bag of tricks with us, on our wrists.

Wearable tech is fast becoming an extension of our very persona. Assimilating itself with your body for a seamless piece of tech, which helps you power through the day.

Wearable tech like the Apple Watch is not just comfortable and aesthetically pleasing; it’s super smart. It also has the ability to install various apps, which turn your Apple Watch into a mobile gadget for just about anything, allowing you to play online Roulette NZ games and so much more on the go.

The following are the best apps for your Apple smart watch, they truly offer the user the best in the world of IOS watch apps.

Workout With Strava

Strava is the perfect standalone app for running and cycling enthusiasts. This means you can tackle the tar with your Apple watch alone, so there’s no need to lug your iPhone around. It’s notorious amongst fitness freaks and embraces the road with fully-fledged GPS tracked running and cycling.

Previous smart phone versions were dedicated to live pacing and live segment data as well as the rest of the features. The Apple watch Strava app struggles with these two features but the IOS watch app is a brilliant holistic fitness tracker for monitoring all round performance on the road or off the beaten track.

Keep Track Of The Game With ESPN

Sports fans don’t always need the complete low down of what’s happening in the game. Sometimes an update on the score will suffice. Couple that with breaking news snippets and you have the perfect app for any sports fanatic that’s constantly on the move.

That’s ESPN’s sports app for your Apple watch. It’s a sport-monitoring app perfectly optimized for your smartwatch. It’s easy to access and navigation is a breeze, displaying your up to date sports news conveniently on the go.

Just Press Record

The Just Press Record app for iPhone was a revolutionary tool that rules out the hassle of having to navigate to Voice Memos. Simply hit the record button and you can save these files at any time for future use.

Now IOS fans can get this technology on their Apple watch. Just Press Record is available for Apple watches and allows users full voice memo software that is easy to use and reliable. One of the best forward thinking features of the new voice app is its ability to save a copy of what you said to a text document for future use.

Play With Rules

The Rules watch game is by far the best Apple watch game available. Its premise is simple enough, you need to memorize rules and tap cards to compliment one another.

Rules will trigger your brain to start memorizing actions, it has a double twist effect between fun and memory that can lead to frustration, but it’s a ton of fun that simply must be tried.

When In Doubt, Simply Yelp

Everyone has heard of it used Yelp at some point on a smartphone. It’s a brilliant app that allows users to locate entertainment and culture like bars and restaurants in their immediate vicinity, and accessing in via wearables may well be the way of the future.

You can now Yelp on your Apple watch. It’s easy, simply boot up the application on your smartwatch and select a category; wait a few seconds for the best recommendations and pick one. This is the perfect app for the city slicker on the go daily.