The adventure that goes along with packing a device and finding somewhere on the globe to work that has a reliable internet connection is one of the only responsibilities of a digital nomad. With your passport and job skills as the best resume you can offer prospective employers, you travel around the world taking the next gig as serious as the previous one.   As more and more millennials decide a job on the road is the best work experience a person can have, the world’s major business centres are making room for this class of professionals.

A few places in the Asia-Pacific market have made a comfortable space for these travelling professionals. Singapore, for one, is seeing an influx of these temporary workers who want to do more than just hang out at the beaches. The country, in fact, actually offers digital nomads a lot in workspace and accommodations.

Keep reading to learn more about how the Singapore landscape can be a comfortable place for you to work and rest.

Coworking Spaces

In the country, digital nomads can find a variety of coworking spaces to fit their needs. If you are just looking for spaces that offer an internet connection and a place to work, the country has a number of spaces that can give you the basics. As you request more amenities, though, the costs go up. If you want to work in a space with all of the bells and whistles, many of the leases are short and can accommodate some staying in the country only a few months.

Larger spaces providing coworking in Singapore – Servcorp, for example, offer businesses not only access to workspace but access to conference rooms in some of the country’s finest buildings. These outfits are great for dedicated nomads who spend a lot of their time on the road because it provides your business with spaces in other locations around the world. If the company is international, businesses gain the benefit of accessing office space at a lower price. See Servcorp office space for more information.

Residential Housing

Finding inexpensive housing in the city is difficult as rents are in line with those in many of the international locales in the Asia-Pacific market. However, public housing, which is situated in or near the urban centres, can accommodate nomads who are going to be in the country for a while, but these accommodations are designed with simplicity in mind. Most residents share a room with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities being common.

Temporary Lodging

If staying for a short while, nomads can find various temporary accommodations that are inexpensive. For one, hostels are still great places to live, and Singapore has few that are quite comfortable for long-term stay. Then, some hotels have coworking offices for professionals who have to stay long-term but do not want to incur the cost of renting an apartment.

Finally, probably one of the best options is the coliving spaces. Coliving spaces can place you close to some of the country’s business centres without the high price tag. In fact, coliving has become popular among millennials who need access to the urban centres but cannot afford city leases and do not want to wait for a space to open up in public housing.

Finding Space To Work  

The digital nomad has the most exciting gig on the planet. Every day promises to bring changing scenery while giving this growing class of professionals the chance to meet other entrepreneurs from other countries. Singapore is just one place that can give you these opportunities, as its hospitality, residential, and office space landscape is carving out a space for these adventurers.