All marketers know that email marketing is one of the most useful ways to share their message, sell services or products and build a good relationship with their customers. Because of that, it´s very important to know as soon as possible which email marketing tool will help us manage lists, connect and create prefect online campaigns.

We can find email campaign software free but it´s absolutely necessary to find out the key factors that we must consider when choosing email marketing platforms. You have to ask yourself your objectives and setting clear measurable goals to make the right decision.

If you want to save money and increase email marketing revenue, pay attention to this article and follow our advice for automate email campaigns.

1.     Find an email marketing software which simplify your job

Everybody knows that email marketing is not sending random emails and hope that people will become our customers overnight. Neoattack marketing online affirms that email marketing consists of communicating with people, using targeted content. Basically, there are three things or aspects you must take into consideration when you select an email platform:

Reading: nowadays people check their mails on their smartphones rather than opening from traditional desktop settings, so it´s essential to choose an email marketing tool with functionality and mobile –optimized templates.

-Response: email response handling is crucial for every kind of business.  If you need to send out email campaigns to hundreds of people per day, you need to send automated responses and aggregate customer responses into your database.

Integration: CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software) are extremely important in any digital marketing company. Updating and sending emails manually are always time –consuming actions, because of that you have to choose an email marketing platform that can be integrated with your CRM.

The right software, provided by companies such as Mailrelay, will give you a solution for managing content and customer data, as well as providing you with an overview of metrics to check which campaigns are the most effective.

2. Compare prices and general functions

Before your last decision, you have to compare different platforms and choose the best one for your business. Search on internet or ask colleagues about email marketing software in order to get some useful information. Remember that the most expensive option is not always the best, and neither the cheapest.

Find an email marketing platform accessible and easy to manage that allows you to automate templates, customize emails and add designs. It´s important that your email platform work seamlessly with social media, Google Analytics,  WordPress and Hootsuite.

3. Choose a company with refund policy and chat support

If you have any problem with your software you must have access to any chat support in order to fix it. Before you buy any software for your email campaigns you should be sure that there is a refund policy and you can receive your money back.

Sometimes email marketing solutions don´t work as we might expect, so it´s useful to have support when we need it. A good software company should offer 24/7 email support and Phone support options.

We hope this article will help you to choose the right software for email campaigns and boosts sales in your business.