Smartphones are the crux of everyone’s existence nowadays but how often do you drop your phone while driving or struggle to find a good place for it when you want to take calls or play music? The best solution is investing in a good quality magnetic car mount. Caseco makes some great options at competitive prices so you will always have a spot for your phone where it is not only easily accessible but will look good as well.
Their products are listed below:-
 Caseco Core 360 Magnetic Car Mount ($39.99)
 Caseco Core 360 Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Two-Pack ($69.99)
 Caseco Mountie ($24.99)
 Caseco Universal Car Vent Phone Mount ($39.99)
 Caseco Universal Car Cradle And Dash Mount Combo ($55.99)
Why You Should Invest In One
 Caseco makes the best quality car mounts out there so buying one or a combo pack is going to last you a long time with little or no maintenance needed in between.
 Car accidents are still one of the biggest causes of death in the United States. Investing in a car mount enables you to keep your attention on the road and still carry out various functions such as picking up calls and playing music via Bluetooth.
 Most cellphones now have voice command which means that a car mount can enable you to speak worry-free while you are driving around town or doing errands.
 You can adjust your radio station or music playlist when you get into the car so that you are not fiddling with your phone while you are driving.
 It is very difficult when you are driving and trying to operate a GPS (global positioning system) at the same time. If you are using one of the CaseCo Car mounts, you can prop up the phone and find your desired location on the go.
 Most of the CaseCo Car mounts are universal which means you can use them with your iPhone 7 or any android device and they will do the job. Of course there are specific ones for just your iPhone as well which are catered to its design, shape and functions.
 Small LCD screens in cars have become redundant but everyone loves to watch Netflix or Youtube on their phones especially when they are stuck in a traffic jam but still need to be concentrating on the road. Buying one of the CaseCo Car mounts at means you can adjust the height to your eye-level and watch your favorite shows in between pesky traffic stops.
 One major advantage of having a car mount which often escapes notice is that you can connect to the car’s electrical system in a hassle-free manner without your phone sliding around in a compartment. Charge your phone either through the mount or by connecting it to a car charger while it is attached to the mount. Just another way that car mounts make life easier!