In today’s digital marketing scene, conversions is where it’s at – marketing efforts and campaigns may have seen a change of media or trends, but the goal is the same, and that is to secure the conversions you need for your returns. However, if you think you’re struggling to do that internally, perhaps you need some external help. Can you boost your conversion through a digital marketing agency?

If you’re just now starting to consider hiring a digital marketing agency to help focus on boosting conversions, you’re not entirely late to the game – but you’ve got to know just how exciting digital marketing has become thanks to the advent of modern communication and technological trends. In fact, the sales funnel can be as short as seven (7!) days, with awareness to conversion likely occurring with roughly 71-percent of consumers within that short span a time. That’s right, you can potentially rake in returns in as early as a week, given the right strategy. So, can you boost your conversion through a digital marketing agency? Here are some of the benefits an agency can bring to your marketing efforts:

  • Give you the right kind of bird’s eye view of your current digital marketing game. If you’re doubtful about your current performance in the digital marketing field, an agency will be capable of assessing your current campaigns and strategies to give you the kind of bird’s eye view you need to determine the status of your marketing. As such, an agency can help identify which parts of your operations work and which parts don’t.
  • If the agency discovers you’re not getting any conversions, the best thing they can do at this point is to explain which marketing channels and strategies are hurting your performance, and if the best decision for you right now is to remove them.
  • The agency will also likely discover the marketing channels and strategies that do work for your company and explain if they are worth keeping, or if they can be improved.
  • Improve your strategies to prepare prospects for various sales interactions. An agency will likely be able to determine if the strategies you use to prepare prospects for sales are actually effective when it comes to converting leads. As such, they may be able to refine or create a more effective “pre-selling” strategy for you. This can be extremely helpful as agencies can direct you to creating a “map” of how you actually want your prospects to proceed along the sales funnel, and you can build your conversion strategy from there.
  • For instance, agencies can decide whether or not supplementary graphics, white papers, or testimonials can be effective when encouraging prospects to proceed with the rest of your sales process.
  • Agencies are also likely capable of assessing whether strategies such as credibility enhancers and trust messaging are tools you should use (and if so, when to use them) when communicating with prospects. Can your CRO agency do this?
  • Create more efficient versions of sales scripting. If your digital marketing strategy relies on a sales script, you’ll most likely need an agency to identify if the script is strong enough in itself and if there are certain parts of the script that are effective when creating conversions. If you don’t have a sales script, an agency can identify if you need to use one and may be able to help you make one. But perhaps the best help an agency can offer in this regard is to help optimize your sales script to your campaign.
  • Some agencies may ask your top sales person to be recorded while doing a mock presentation for sales. This presentation will likely be transcribed for assessment as your “first” script.
  • Agencies may pay close attention to your closing lines, but they’ll also test different parts of your script to see if your closing percentages will change depending on little or big changes. The closing script is relevant, however, as not only can it help boost sales, but the bulk of the sales knowledge your company may need can now be inside the script and not just known by the top sales person.
  • Get yourself more efficient calls to action. When you’re working with an agency, they will also likely observe various parts of your sales funnel and put focus on your calls to action. Various marketing materials have various calls to action, and in order to make sure you’re not wasting any valuable time and resources, agencies are also able to assess the efficiency of the calls as well.
  • Digital marketing agencies can help you experiment with calls to action that may or may not work for you without too much risk. Things such as “Register Now,” “Add To Cart,” “Test It Out,” or “Get Started” might work for different companies, and agencies can likely determine which ones you may want to play around with.
  • Help you find the best fit of functionality, style, content, and layout. When it comes to digital marketing campaigns, your conversions will likely depend on the kind of materials you release. While marketing agencies will be able to help you with the kind of channels and materials you can use, there’s no denying when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), your website – especially your landing pages – have to work in your favor. They can actually help with this department.
  • Agencies will likely be able to determine if your landing pages can offer three basic things: if it informs what you’re offering, if it explains why this offer makes your company different, and if it helps the prospect acquire that service/product.
  • If the agency learns your landing pages do convert, they’ll likely help you find ways to improve it. If not, they’ll likely help you find ways to restructure your landing pages to meet this intent.

The Bottom Line: Conversions Need Momentum

If you want your brand to get known out there, you need to know how to tap into your prospects, leads, and consumers. A digital marketing agency can help ensure you get the hang of interacting with these three sets of audiences in order to give them the best kind of service available. Can you boost your conversion through a digital marketing agency? You can, provided you have read the above and understand that these benefits will also more or less coincide with the kind of goals you have for your campaign. So make sure to study the above carefully and check if these are the kinds of benefits you’re looking for, for your current campaign.

James Spittal

James is the founder of Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B testing obsessed digital marketing agency, Web Marketing ROI. They help brands with high-traffic websites optimize their conversion rate using A/B testing and personalization.