In the course of the code processing, you have taken a calculated decision to incur technical debt. Now, it is your responsibility to communicate the decision to your team members. Even the representatives of the customer should also know about the debt that you have incurred. The question that arises next is, how do you convey the equation to people who may not understand the technical jargon? Team members will have a fare share of non-technical people. Similarly, your clients and customers will not understand the technical terms related to coding.

Different types of debt

The customers are investing their hard-earned money in the software, and so they should know in what way the package lacks functionality. In this context, it is worth noting that technical debt is of several types. The deficiency may relate to the design, or it may have a defect that you have chosen to overlook for the time being. The fact that the software has not been tested is also a type of debt. Then, the software may also have documentation-related debt. At your end, you know what is missing, and so, you should state the factor in simple straightforward terms.

Give an easy explanation

The objective is to keep the customers informed of the snags and shortcomings. In fact, you can use a metric to represent every single area of debt. But make sure that the metric used is comprehensible to the non-technical people, as well. If you click here, you will find how it is possible to express the concept of technical debt, in numerical terms. You can use the formula for explaining the concept to your business partners. You already know that they won’t understand the seemingly difficult technical jargon. But for that you have to calculate the exact percentage of technical debt.

A formula to use

After that, you can state that for eliminating a certain percentage of the debt, you need a fixed number of people, and that the people need to work for a set number of days.  It is obvious and understandable that a fixed number of people from the developmental team have to chip in. Basically, you have to be aware of the following logistics. First, you have to be clear about the exact percentage of debt. Secondly, you should know how many people you need. Third, you have to be particular about the time duration of the effort which would lead to the elimination of debt.

Proves to be convenient

In that way business partners, stakeholders, as well as, the developers would come to know of the exact magnitude of the work. Be in the question of rewriting the code, or undertaking the unit tests, which in turn, would lead to the increase of coverage; the development team, will know how to go about the process, with a meticulous focus on the perfection. The fact that they are already aware of the total time limit proves to be advantageous. When you know that you have fixed time, at hand, you can thrash out the improvement procedure in such a way that every single detail is attended to.