The action plan presents some projections and sets out the course of the project to grow revenues.

How to prepare an action plan and how to write a business plan?

A project that many of us have golden ideas for serious and profitable projects, but we cannot sometimes turn that wonderful idea into a real project because of our inability to write a successful business plan with Timeline template. Planning is necessary for every job or task. The good is the wonderful work center and its starting point, so you have to pay great attention to preparing the work plan before starting the project to know whether that project will achieve what is expected from the material and moral perspective.

Will the gains cover what was disbursed and used in the project, how many people needed for that project initially at first and then after the prosperity and expansion?

All these and other questions must be questioned and answered before starting the implementation of the project, and this is done only by drawing up the work plan.

How to prepare a plan of action?

The plan of action is the plan that makes me ascertain the real reason to search for that project and the extent of my real conviction and the goals I hope to achieve from that project, and it motivates me to complete what I started, Others in similar projects, and make me look for what is best to make me distinguished among others.

So how can a plan be prepared Using Timeline template?

In order to meet the plan of action all this must be of some basic steps, the most important of which: –

The main objective of that project should be defined, and what benefits will it provide?

The readiness of the market and individuals in general for the new project. Look for a way to illustrate the benefit to everyone of that project.

The target group of the project should be identified and studied well to learn how to deal with it.

Identify competitors who work in the same field, and what are their advantages in order to bring about evolution and change.

Identify the priorities on which the project will be based and will not deviate from it.

Develop a financial plan for the project in which the expected expenses of the project work and the expected revenues will be determined thereafter to determine the success of the subject. The figures must be realistic and not imaginary.

Model Timeline template to obtain funding for any project must write an excellent work plan to attract the attention of the financier and make it choose the project without other than the rest of the projects, and the subsequent plan is one of the simplest plans by means of Timeline template.

 The summary of a project:

A summary of the project is written on one page to be submitted to the prospective financiers and should not be written in detail until it is stolen.

Project Vision:

One page is written about a clear and simple description of the project, with the stages of its development being determined, the expected advantages of the project, and the location of the project and all the necessary equipment.

Project Producer:

It describes the benefits of the project on one page and what distinguishes that project from others.

The target market of the project: Three pages about the market and project system are written projects similar to the new project, the target group of the project, and the current competition and expected future.

Marketing Timeline template: a four-page site that identifies the new product among the market products in terms of quality and price, and identifies the necessary staff of delegates, distributors, and others.


Work Plan:

It shows the detailed steps of the production, the transfer of the product, the quality and the Timeline template needed to produce it, as well as the cost of it, in about two pages.

Development Plan:

In which we coordinate a plan for product development in the next two to three years in terms of product, staff, and customers.


It explains in one page the sequence of work of all those in the project management and determine the role of each of them, and clarify the owners of the project and the capital of each owner of them.

Financial Plan:

It is considered one of the most important pillars of the project, which helps in determining whether this project is successful to be funded or vice versa, and it writes in detail on three pages a list of the expenses required for the project and the destination of expenditure, as well as the expected revenues from the project for three or five years.

Financing Authority:

The project’s financier will initially be determined whether it will depend on the family, friends, banks or investors.

Additional files:

These things give any importance or seriousness to the project such as tables, graphs and biographies and so on.

Be confident that after writing this plan you will be able to execute your project under any circumstances.