Every great business website needs a subsequent business blog attached to the design.  Your business blog provides the bulk of your content’s intrigue, and will give viewers a reason to spend more time carousing your website.

Build a more effective business blog by understanding more about the whole picture, rather than just focusing on the posts.  Your information may be excellent, but people may move on due to a flaw in your layout or design.

Take a moment to check out a quick look at a few of the more important aspects of a successful business blog.

Learn the rules of color and font

When you’re choosing the colors for your blog page, don’t be afraid to put a bit of research into the psychology behind color.  Colors can be very effective tools for aesthetic appeal.

In terms of font and color, you should keep your design to 2-3 of each.  Any more than 2-3 different colors or fonts on your page will make it too busy.

Learn to write for your audience

When you decide what to write you posts about, you have to consider to whom you are writing.  You need to write to your target audience.  Write about subject matter pertaining to your industry.

For example, if you run a website for a shoe business, you would write posts having to do with fashion.  You may also write something about the science behind the newest shoe technology.

Make navigation easy to follow

Your business blog should have several different titles to choose from, and the collection should grow consistently.  With all of those posts to sort through, you need to make sure you design an easy-to-follow navigational option.

When someone visits your blog, they should immediately know how to search through your titles with ease.  Check out this excellent blog example, and see how the designer made it simple to navigate the many different titles present in the collection.

Use social media share buttons

Social media sharing buttons should be present all over your business website, but especially within the posts of your business blog.  It’s common for people to click the “share” button when they find something interesting, and your blog will miss out on views without these simple additions.

It isn’t difficult to add social media share buttons for all the different platforms.  There are numerous “how-to” articles available online that will lead you through the process of adding these valuable little marketing tools.

Integrate the concepts of SEO

Search engine optimization is a foundational set of skills you should engrave in your mind before you even write your first blog entry.  SEO will teach you how to write content that caters to the needs of search engines.  Don’t wait another day, and research SEO now.