A dedicated server will serve specifically only to one client offering reliability and speed of operation. A dedicated server will allocate all its resources to one particular client thus marking its website with high performance.

People generally prefer websites that are fast to load. They offer speed of access to data and people like to visit such websites again and again. This means that you can increase the traffic to your website by having a dedicated web server.

In other words, when you see increasing traffic on your website, you should switch over to a dedicated server. Hosting your website on a shared platform means that the bandwidth allocated by that server is distributed among many of its clients. This will decrease the speed of access to data on that server resulting in a slow paced website. Your webpages will take long to load making them non-user friendly.

Unexpected errors

Hosting on a third party server without utilizing the full server capability can increase the down time of your website. When people visit your website they will be welcomed by a “bandwidth exceeded” sign.

They will think that your website has been taken down due to certain reasons. That will not only give a bad name to your business, but also move your customers away to the other side. Hosting your website on a dedicated server will provide much security and reliability to your communication systems.

Slower website means lower revenue

People are speed frenzy these days. Who wants to visit a website that takes ages to load? It’s only the fast paced websites that have maximum traffic. This means it is only the fast loading websites that earn heavy revenues when compared to slow websites.

Dedicated servers can make your websites blazing fast and have a direct impact on your revenue. There are many examples like a website named ShopZilla increased its revenue by 12% by increasing its speed from 6 seconds to 1.2 seconds. Such drastic is the impact of speed that companies have now started research in this particular field.

What is a fast loading webpage?

A webpage that loads within 3 seconds completely on a broadband connection can be termed as a fast paced webpage. If the website takes somewhere between 4 to 10 seconds to load it will be termed as a marginally fair website. For webpages taking more than 10 seconds to load, it will definitely be termed as slow website.

People do not like visiting slow websites. And according to a survey, 30% of users will not come back to a slow website the second time. So it’s only one chance you have for most of your customers to create an impression. Make sure that you create a good one by building a fast website.

Website can handle more traffic

The green dedicated servers based in your organization tend to consume less energy than the ordinary servers. They will boost the traffic to your website by allowing maximum bandwidth to the website. This means that your website will be able to handle much more traffic than usual if you move onto dedicated servers. Reduced downtime and unexpected errors will surely increase your revenues.

There may be a little initial cost of installing a dedicated web hosting server infrastructure. But the return on investment for these servers is very impressive. They not only make your website efficient, but also have a direct impact on the revenue of a website. A fast loading page is visited repeatedly by consumers, when compared to a slower one.