When you cash a check from another bank in your bank, the bank usually withholds the funds for several days, as it has to confirm that funds are available. In the same way, international bank transfers can take a long time. But nevertheless, Bitcoin transactions are generally much faster. Transactions can be snapshots without “zero-confirmation” transactions, which means that the trader is playing to accept funds that have not yet been confirmed by the block chain. Or they may take about 10 minutes if the merchant requires the transfer to be confirmed. That is much faster than any transfer between banks.

It is cheap

What do you say? That your credit card transactions are also instant? Well, that’s true. But your seller (and possibly you) will pay for that privilege. Some sellers will charge you a commission for using a debit card, since they have to pay a ‘commission per pass’ to carry them out. Bitcoin transaction fees are minimal, or in some cases, free.

Use Bitcoin in playing online gambling

Take your Poker experience to the next level! If you’re bored with the routine offer that typical casinos offer, why not give it a spin using bitcoins? Yes, now your favorite Poker game can be played using bitcoin cash dice in your favorite Bitcoin casino.

If you want to have an advantage playing poker with Bitcoin, you just have to learn to play typical poker really well. Yes, the rules and how to play these two Poker games are the same. You can also get more advantage playing with bitcoins, since you can play being anonymous 100%, from anywhere and the transactions are fast and simple.

Surely you are looking for the best experience when playing this game with bitcoins. And the number one factor that affects this experience is the Poker Room in which you will play.

Things to keep in mind to choose the best Bitcoin poker room:

Players Traffic

This factor is a determining factor that defines whether a Poker Room is good or not. You do not want to start in a place where you have to wait a long time because there are not enough poker players to play. The best poker room has the most traffic. Therefore, you can play your Poker game instantly and win bitcoins instantly and easily.

Types of Poker Games Available

Bitcoin Poker is not only limited to the ‘Texas Hold’em Poker’ option. There are numerous card games classified under the category of “Poker”. You must select a Poker Room that provides options such as 3 Card Poker, 5 Card Poker, Omaha Poker, Hi-Lo, Draw Poker, Stud Poker, Razz, and many more.

Used Software

Normally, just like traditional online poker, poker with bitcoins can be played online or by downloading the ‘Flash version.’ You will find features such as excellent poker tables, a featured chat, multiple windows and a spectacular lobby. All this can only be facilitated by an excellent software provider. This way you can make sure that it works correctly and that it does not have failures.

Good Competitiveness among Players

You probably want to learn from the best. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a poker room in which the experts and professionals play. In this way, you can be sure that the reputation and quality of the services offered on the site will give you the opportunity to play and learn from the best.

Where to play Bitcoin Poker

There are several Bitcoin betting sites that offer this Bitcoin game, you may even find this game on the free Bitcoin casino sites. However, the best-known poker rooms that accept Bitcoin are WinPoker, Infiniti Poker and BC Poker.