Office 365 has taken the corporate world by a storm. It is an enterprise variant of the famous MS Office Suite that is specially designed with additional features to enhance the communication, team working and data sharing in the organization. A large number of organizations including small-scale businesses have been relying on Office 365 for quite a while now.

One of the most significant downsides of being technology dependent is the protection of confidential data and information. Despite layers of cyber security protocols in place, big tech names such as Facebook and Amazon have been victims of massive data breaches in the recent past. This has raised serious questions about the efficiency of conventional cybersecurity protocols and standard malware and anti-virus software. This is because data theft mechanisms have largely changed and attackers now use many simple and smarter techniques to sneak into your system without being detected. One of the broadest data theft technique used is phishing and Office 365 is a haven for such attacks.

Unlike regular Trojan attacks, the attackers using phishing techniques do not intend to cause any harm to your system, and it continues to work usually. Instead, they send an email that sounds very legit and makes you click links that are shady but seem legitimate. As a result, the recipient end up opening the link he was not supposed to open, and the attackers get access to the data on his system without him realizing this. Unfortunately, the built-in cyber security features of Office 365 are still not secure enough to completely filter such dubious emails, which is why many organizations become more vulnerable to such attacks. Here are some of the great solutions that you can use for Office 365 Phishing Protection for your Office 365 Suite against Office Phishing Email attacks,


Third Party Solutions

The very first line of defense against any attack on software is provided by the software itself, and that stands true for Office 365 as well. However, the pre-existing security features are not adequate to protect it against new-age quick email phishing methods. Fortunately, there are third party cyber security companies that can provide you Office 365 Phishing protection solution that is customized to cater to the cybersecurity needs of your organization.


Multi-Layered Authentication

Most Office 365 phishing attacks are targeted to retrieve login information such as passwords and PIN for logging into private user accounts or company employee accounts. This can be prevented by installing multi-layered authentication protocols that involve answering secret questions, and One-Time-Passwords generated in real time and sent to the user on registered cell phone numbers. This will keep trespassers from accessing accounts even if they manage to get the passwords and will alert the user that his account has been compromised.

Customized Login Page

Most Office 365 phishing emails are embedded with links that redirect the user to malicious login pages. It would be a good idea to create a customized login page for your Office 365 account. Add a company logo and a digital signature on the login page so that the users can quickly detect that they are logging into a dubious page and that it is not an official Office 365 login link.