Protect Yourself for the New Year

Now is the best time to invest in security gadgets as technology has advanced and today’s systems are better than ever before. Even if you have security systems in place or defense gadgets in hand, you may want to think about replacing it for a safer modern device. The New Year is coming up and if you want a safe and happy 2019 these gadgets are a must buy. Thanks to modern technology, you can have peace at home or on the go with these safety gadgets.

Smart Door Locks

Door locks are no longer a simple code your kids can yell out. These locks can now come with passwords and even fingerprint scans. You can add fingerprints from your family so that even after the password only you and your loved ones can access your home. Modern home locks can also turn on and off depending on movement around your door allowing you to save on electricity as well.

High Tech Doorbells

High tech security doorbells are becoming increasingly popular. Often armed with hidden cameras you can now know exactly who is at your door even when you are not home. You can even get these doorbells with fingerprint scanners and facial recognition software to keep unwanted visitors out while family can easily access the home.

Security Lights

The tried and true method of deflecting burglars from your home are lights. These will turn on when detecting movement and can scare people away if they think someone is home. New lights can charge on solar power and shine up to 60 watts of powerful light.

Personal Protection

Many companies are selling high tech stun guns and self-defense weapons that are becoming increasingly portable and safe to use. You should always be prepared to not only defend your home but also yourself while out and about. Stun guns, pepper spray, and knives are easily concealed and carried.

Baby Monitors

If you have children you will know you want to keep an eye on them at all times. Baby monitors have come a long way with modern technology. Baby monitors come in various high definition video and some even have the capacity to add skype as well. You don’t have to be home to watch your child, you can keep an eye from the office or on the go.

Security Cameras

Keeping your home protected is important, but if alarms or security get disarmed you need to know what is going on. Security cameras can be placed in your home with high definition video to know exactly who is in your home and when. Modern cameras can be set to only record when movement is detected allowing for energy and space saving as well as immediate knowledge of which clips to watch.

Spy Gear

Spy gear is a must if you are serious about knowing what is happening in your household.  Sometimes it is best to be discrete when catching criminals in your home. Hidden cameras, and computer monitoring can be an excellent backup to know exactly what is going on in your home even if the more obvious systems go down or get hacked. As an added bonus you get to feel like a real life James Bond.

Driveway alarms

These security alarms can detect movement so you know if someone is at your house before those other security systems can even start their work. This first line of defense can be wireless, hidden, and solar powered. Alarms and cameras can alert you to someone approaching your house or even your car.

Home and personal security is no joke and in the modern age it can be so easy to protect yourself and your belongings. This technology is often simple and easy to use, and it is the most effective way to keep your home and yourself safe.  Be prepared for the New Year and make sure you have a safe 2019.