So you were tasked by your company to set up security cameras as part of the office renovation efforts. You control the budget, and it is your choice who you are going to hire to install the cameras. Now the question is where are you going to have the cameras installed? This is where you should consult specialists in security camera installation Miami based companies offer, regarding the best places to install the cameras.

Security cameras have to be installed in places that can be considered good vantage points — an area where they can see everything that camera should be monitoring: no blind-spots or whatever. And the places they have to watch have to be the most important ones. Here are some of the places where you might want to consider having cameras installed:

1.The entrance to the office/the reception area

This is more common sense, as you need to watch who enters the office. It is the first place people go through and where security guards are stationed most of the time. Plus, it’s also the place where people exit the office.

2.The entrance to your boss’ office

Monitoring who enters your boss’ office is important. The office holds a lot of important documents, and since your boss does most of the decision-making, most of those documents will be located in that office.

3.The locker room

The locker room is a place where employees are told to leave things that can’t be brought with them to their workstations. Naturally, this includes a lot of valuables like wallets and cell phones. It makes sense that the entrance and each row in the locker room deserve at least one camera each. Make sure they provide a good view so that the faces of everyone moving in the locker room can be seen by the cameras.

4.The entrance to the comfort rooms

Another place you’ll want a camera to be located is in the comfort rooms, but make sure that you can only see who enters them and not see what’s inside as that can be seen as a violation of a person’s privacy.

5.The pantry or cafeteria

Another good area that has lots of people coming and going is the pantry or the cafeteria. It is also one of the most prone to fires, so keeping track of the area with a camera is a great idea.

These are just some of the places you might want to monitor with a security camera, though there are other places that may qualify as well, such as the emergency exit, the lobby, and practically everywhere that employees go to when not at work. Some companies work on secret projects and might reserve an office space for that department. You can at least put a security camera over the entrance to that area in such a way that the camera can’t view anything about any secret projects your company is working on.