Instagram was designed as an application for mobile phones. To be more accurate, it was made for iOS and Android OS users. Its great popularity actualizes a need in application’s transfer to computers for a more convenient use. Here is a small list of tools that can be helpful and convenient for Mac users.

1. PhotoDesk.

PhotoDesk is a widerenown application among the Instagram users of all kinds. It is widely used by common users as well as by people who are involved in the small or medium business. It is a very good choice if you to boost the readership of your account. PhotoDesk’s features allow you to improve the default application functions and abilities on Mac. You can use a few accounts and easily switch between them. If you do that, you are able to see all the comments, likes etc. of all accounts at one screen, sorted by time.

2. Flume.

Very popular Instagram app for Mac. Flume expands the original app with some new features by adding it to your desktop. Your feed will look like a vertical flow of photos. Every photo you can open and see in its original size. Double-tapping a photo will put a “Like” on it. Flume grants you the opportunity to make the same actions you could do using the original app. Simple clicking will open a photo in a more detailed way, showing the text under the image and comments. You are able to like or comment on this screen. It is possible to upload photos, make posts to Instagram or edit the existed images on your computer.

3. Grids for Instagram.

The app will cost you $4.99. Unlike the previous apps, this one has another goal. It doesn’t enhance your features by transferring the mobile application to the Mac. It’s more likely that the app is decreasing them. You can not see any text information on this map as well as you can’t upload anything. Grids remove likes and comment leaving you only with images. And that is enough for a convenient and pleasant using. No text, only pictures that can be customized for any kind of viewing.

4. Instafeed.

Instafeed is a chargeable app and costs same as the previous one. After you paid $4.99 you get a bunch of editing tools which are made only for Mac OSX. It has a very convenient interface leaving a menu on the left on your screen. Pictures are loading extremely fast. You can do pretty the same things you are able to with an original Instagram or other similar apps. Usar can download photos, turn on notifications to get news on your desktop and mark as favorite anything you want.

5. Go for Instagram.

The simplest app of the all above. What does it do? It transfers the original app to the Mac. Plain as day and very useful. No fancy features, stylish interface, a bunch of color schemes and additional 100+ filters. The only thing it does is adding an Instagram app to your Mac. It is installed like a single program that allows not to use the browser. Though, it has a limited amount of functions compared to the mobile app.