Are you looking for free personal development apps? In today’s world, there are many tech gurus who are working to make our lives easier. They are devising brilliant apps and gadgets to make lives better.

Personal Development is a huge industry. The disruption caused by technology is the reason why there are many apps for self-improvement. There is an app for every aspect of our lives. Whether you want to improve your productivity or burn more calories.

If you are having trouble finding the apps for Android tablets, we have created a list of the best free apps for self-improvement. Let’s take a look at the list.


Lumosity is a wonderful app that has a collection of brain games. These games are designed to test your mental acuity and give you brain training games. This will keep your brain active and in top shape. You can use it to improve your memory, make yourself smarter and increase your observation skills.

When I started using this app I wanted to focus on my core cognitive abilities. Lumosity is a great app for working on your mental skills. The app helps you in decision making and helps pay attention to details. I would recommend this app for those who want to engage in quick and challenging puzzles. You can download this app on your Android tablet for free.


LifeTick is a goal setting app that helps you track your progress. It helps you in establishing core values as well. As a result, it makes your goals more personalized. I started using the app because I liked the idea behind it. After setting your values, you set goals and steps to achieve your goal.

It has journal feature that enables you to have an activity feed. You can add notes and sync your calendar. Another best thing about this app was the multi-user function. You can invite others into your goals. This leads to the motivation for achieving your goals. So get this app on your Android tablets for free.


Duolingo is an app that gives you language lessons. They are currently offering Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. It has distinct features and clear structure making it a fascinating app. If you want to learn a new language or improve skills in different languages, this is the best app.

I always wanted to learn French, it is beautiful language. I downloaded this app to try to learn French on my own. It is a great time each lesson takes almost 8 to 10 minutes. This makes it easy to manage it in your schedule. The app has a unique interactive interface that helps you remember what you learned. I absolutely love this app, it helped a lot in learning French. It is an essential addition to learning a language. The program has incredible features that help you practice a language daily. You can easily download it for free on your Android tablet.


Another great app for Android tablets is Coach.Me. This app was formerly known as Lift. The main idea of this app is that you can achieve your goals if you are encouraged. With the help of feedback and encouragement, new habits can be developed. If you don’t want to share your goal with everyone, it enables you to have privacy.

Wondering what makes this app the best? A great feature of this app is the ability to establish a plan. You can set actionable steps to accomplish the set goal. The feature that I think was the best was how it incorporated personal coaching. You can hire a coach to help you guide and motivate you to do better. If you want to track few habits, I would recommend this app. This app is free, you can download it on your tablets.


Nozbe is a task management app that is better than the other apps. It features a multiuser support with integration with Evernote and Dropbox. It has a responsive development team that helps you if you have any problem. If you often forget to do a priority task, it is an ideal app for you.

I started using it because I could track my goals, daily tasks, and habits. What I did have I created a goal as a project. After that, I created tasks and habits that are related to every goal. The to-do list helped me do the tasks without worrying I will miss important tasks. It helped me get the right things done. I used is mostly on my Android tablet. You can download it for free.


Another best free app for personal development of Android tablets is YOGAmazing. The app contains 50 yoga sessions designed to improve your flexibility. The aim of the sessions is to bring body-mind-spirit balance. It won’t take a lot of your precious time as every session is 25 minutes long.

I had difficulty going to the yoga studio every day, whether it was near or far. So I downloaded this app to do yoga and get in the mind-body workout. This app gave me inspiration in form of different workout and breathing exercises. I was able to customize the workouts to have matched my difficulty level. The best thing about this app is that it offers short classes as well. It is great if you have a specific yoga need, such as injuries or pain in joint. If you have trouble making it to the yoga studio every day, this is the best solution.

In the end, changing yourself and making yourself a better version of you is a difficult task. But it can be a little easier with the help of these best tablets app. You can get a reminder to stick to your goals and habits. Eventually, you will not need these apps in your life.