Gaming is always a fun thing to do. With the new technological innovations being discovered across the world, gaming is going to the next level. If you are a video games fan and you keep yourself updated, then you will agree with me.

Long gone are days when you used to stick to your chair close to the screen simply because your gamepad is wired. And now you also don’t have to use your mouse and/or controller when shooting virtual bullets. The VR guns have brought a better, more realistic and immersive feeling.

It feels more real to move around with a gun aiming and firing than using a gamepad.

And now we will go over some of the best Bluetooth VR guns that will give you the best shooting experience ever in shooter VR games.

  1. PP Gun Controller for HTC Vive

This is one very serious gun controller. When I say serious I mean realistic. They are available in two options. You can go for the pistol or the rifle.

Another thing that makes this gun stand at the top of the list is that it has a HTC controller which makes it usable in first-person shooter VR games such as Overkill VR, Far point, Recall, etc. With up to 11 different controls that can be used for settings, it provides the ultimate shooting experience.

  1. MAG P90 VR Gun for HTC Vive

MAG P90 is up there with the best. Starting just from its look and design you will feel that it is the right one. It features a unique design with dual handles and blue LED lights that makes it look like some alien gun.

In addition to that, it is fairly light, which makes it easy for a gamer to play for a long time. It is activated by connecting to Vive controller. Moreover, it supports major first-person shooter Vive games such as the Fast Action Hero, Robo Recall and Vindicta VR.

  1. PlayStation VR Aim Controller

It is a well created and attractive VR gun. Coming from Sony, you will agree with me it is a quality gadget once you start using it. It is manufactured with a very ergonomic, but simple design that is attractive to everyone.

Equipped with two handles, it is easy to use and is quite lightweight. Another feature you will find in this controller is that it has all the buttons that you find in the Dualshock controller. They are well-placed such that you won’t miss them or find it difficult to press them.

The only downfall is that it currently available for only a handful of premium PSVR games, but will be compatible with other games soon. That is according to Sony.

  1. Arena Infinity Bundle by Striker VR

The Arena Infinity is a serious and fun to use gadget for sure. Its performance is perfect for gaming fans. This VR gun is a bit pricey, but it delivers the best possible shooting experience.

It comes with 2 batteries, a charging dock and Arena live software development tools. You will enjoy using this gun since it also features an automatic firing haptic mode.