We techies are happy to see that the tech-world is only expanding and ever-growing, especially the accessibility of services and products available in the palm of our hands… on our mobile phones. We spend so much time each day sharing, gaming, communicating, conducting business, wouldn’t it be nice if we could get a little back for our efforts on the internet? The great news is: we certainly can! There are so many apps that are made to help you make money, and while that sounds like a sure-fire way to get scammed, we’ve scoured the Play Store for the best money-making apps of 2018, to make the most of your time on your mobile.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Who hasn’t got old appliances, bits and bobs, or other unused goods lying around the house? Clear some space and make some money while doing it by using any number of reputable, easy-to-use selling apps on your mobile. Check out Amazon Seller, eBay or Etsy – to name a few – for great options on selling just a couple of items or creating a whole store for your goods. You’ll be raking in the cash in no time… and have the money and space for some cool new things, like maybe that Xbox One X you’ve been eyeing for some time.

Everyone’s Got an Opinion, Right?

Whether your friends are always asking you for recommendations, you’re keen on trying the best new burger joint in town, or you just like to let everyone know what’s what and where to get the best of the best… your mobile is the right place for you to start making money for your opinion. Check out great apps like Google Opinion Rewards, Surveys on the Go, Swagbucks and industry-leader, Toluna.


Play Games, Make Money

If you’ve got nothing to sell and want to keep your opinion to yourself, fret not – there are other fun ways to make money through your phone. Check out apps like Movie Money where you can watch videos and ads in exchange for cash, or Fish for Money that simply pays you to catch fish on your phone! If you’re keen to catch some bigger fish, check out some of the best 2018 betting apps for android where you can play fun slots and classic card games like poker and blackjack in the hopes of earning some pretty hot jackpots.

Got Skills?

If you’re keen not to leave your money making abilities up to chance, there are plenty of apps that help you make money using your skills. Become a delivery man, a driver, a personal shopper or help provide one of thousands of services through apps like Uber, Postmates or Instacart. To get even more of a manual labour job, check out apps like Handy or TaskRabbit where you can bid on tasks and get paid for odd jobs from furniture assembly to helping someone move to cleaning a home. It’s a neat way to make a little extra cash with a little spare time.