What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM software and enterprise cloud system designed to help businesses build more efficient, streamlined and effective organizations. The platform offers a range of cloud-based applications that ensure real-time visibility of activities, easy access, better use of resources and a superior experience for the customers. Over the years, the platform has become popular and now has more than 100,000 customers.

This modular CRM – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud can be customized to any company, SME, large company and can be customized in accordance with the development of the company in particular. In addition, its functional wealth makes it possible, regardless of its sector, to have a tailor-made CRM that adorns specific developments for its activity.

Key Points in Salesforce CRM:

  • 100% custom software
  • Multilingual solution
  • Integration with your IS (API)
  • Powerful technology with development opportunities
  • Modular = Sales in the cloud, Service in the cloud, Marketing in the cloud

More and more organizations use CRM software to simplify management of customer relations. This professional Salesforce Accelerator software helps you maintain and develop your portfolio with focus on the relationship. One of the most popular on the market is Salesforce CRM. You will discover the benefits of growing your business.

The link of functional areas such as customer service, marketing, sales and account management with this ecosystem provides holistic information about the type of customer.

Advantages of using Salesforce CRM

The many solutions offered by Salesforce provide users with many benefits and advantages. In addition to centralizing and automating most processes, the software is also highly customizable and easy to use.

The main benefits of using Salesforce are:

  1. Available to all organizations

Most major organizations have a CRM. Unlike popular belief, the creation of such a tool is not reserved for large groups. SMEs can also use a CRM to manage their customer portfolio: their address book is usually limited to the beginning of the activity; A good relationship with the customer is even more important! In order to keep customers and find new potential customers, a CRM is a valuable management tool.

  1. Customized to your needs

Each organization has special needs with regard to size, area of ​​activity, type of client, etc. Therefore, it is important that the tools comply with the details of each company. In addition, Salesforce CRM offers various services tailored to different profiles: mobile phone management, collaboration, cooperation, etc.

Depending on your needs, you can easily add new features to the software. By creating your customized solution, you automate a lot of your customer management and increase your performance. If you want to install Salesforce CRM in your organization, hire a CRM and ERP implementation company to help you with all steps.

Salesforce CRM platform is extremely versatile, providing a comprehensive solution that includes maintenance, database and site management and team support. That way, you can centralize document storage, customer relationships, and employee communication without worrying about the integration of software tools and applications from multiple vendors.

  1. Simple and effective

Salesforce CRM interface is easy to use and very economic. The purpose is to facilitate administration and save valuable time. With these programs, you can easily get a general description of each client or potential customer. With just a few clicks, you can access your interaction history, word response, billing status, and more. That way, much of the customer service is automated.

The use significantly reduces the administrative weight of their sales and allows them to focus on the relationship. With this information, they have all the cards available to get in touch with their customers and leads in the right tone at the right time.

These data will help you predict and adapt your growth strategy accordingly. Your services are only optimized.

 4. Connected with the cloud

Many companies use the service as a service (SaaS). Unlike a classic version installed on a computer, a CRM is in the cloud:

  • Easy access everywhere and in different supports
  • You can connect to other digitized services, such as social networks or online calendars.
  • No capacity limit

Your department does not require maintenance because it is not physically present on your computer

  1. Flexible and scalable

When companies develop, their tools must also be eligible. Especially when a small business grows, it is important that you continue to use your administration software. Salesforce, aware of this problem, can scale. It will add more functions, more information about some people to the present and future interactions, and then you can enter them for the other (billing, signing of documents, etc.). Due to the flexibility and versatility of the platform, Salesforce can be used by a wide range of companies and organization. The integration of Salesforce with different business models can provide analytical reports and reports tailored to the specific needs of users. It also helps companies measure and control the success of the campaign and adjust campaign activities when necessary.


Salesforce Marketplace is an excellent way to create and share applications that companies can easily integrate with Salesforce. Accessing, downloading and installing applications on the shelf is very easy and also offers more features, resources and extensive functionality for users.

There are applications for other renowned companies such as LinkedIn and Microsoft Outlook, which allow the full integration of these two services with Salesforce. In addition, AppExchange is a source of new ideas and opportunities that are developed and tuned at a dazzling speed, possibly offering users tools to connect and build deeper relationships.


With Salesforce similar to CRM, you can automate part of your client’s administration. Reduce the administrative burden of your sales team for a better relationship with your customers and potential customers. Such a tool is useful to grow your business! Salesforce helps improve customer satisfaction; Provides optimal management of customer data to better understand and predict your needs and maximize customer satisfaction.