VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, with it often being considered a halfway point between shared and dedicated options. This is because VPS hosting is comparable to a dedicated server within a shared environment in that it is one server that uses virtualisation technology to divide the physical server into multiple ‘virtual’ servers. What’s great about VPS hosting is the fact that your virtual server is reserved for you only, meaning you won’t have to share RAM, CPU or HDD with any other users.

Different types of hosting vary in the features they offer as well as customisation options and benefits, so to better understand exactly what VPS hosting provides users with, let’s take a look at other hosting options available.

Types of Hosting

Shared Hosting

Just as the name suggests, shared hosting is a type of hosting in which users share resources like the CPU and hard drive space with other website owners. Shared hosting is a relatively low cost option, offering a web hosting solution suitable for most websites. Yet although a good choice for most site owners, shared hosting offers limited potential for customisation. What’s more, as resources are divided in shared hosting, other site owners on the same server may experience issues if another website owner receives high levels of traffic, slowing down their website.


Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a type of web hosting in which users have one system that exclusively serves your domain. Unlike in shared hosting, you have the full control of all your resources. You can also customise the software to match your particular needs. A more expensive option than shared hosting plans, dedicated hosting only really makes sense for websites receiving large amounts of traffic daily, helping to secure uptime for site visitors.


VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is often defined as a midpoint between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. This is because in VPS hosting, you share a server but get your own virtual compartment that only serves your website. Operations are more efficient than they would be on a shared hosting plan because of the dedicated storage, own operating system and unlimited bandwidth. For those in need of a higher level of power, security and flexibility, VPS hosting offers a relatively cost-effective choice.


Benefits of VPS Hosting

Increased Security

If you deal with sensitive client information and feel insecure in shared hosting, VPS is the way to go. It is more secure, has higher monitoring capabilities, and enhances your website’s reliability among other security enhancing features.

Better at Dealing with Greater Traffic

Because of the dedicated storage space, VPS hosting is much better than shared hosting at dealing with high site traffic levels whilst still operating at fast speeds.

Suitable for Online Stores

If you have an ecommerce website that accepts credit cards, then ensuring customer financial information safety is paramount. Because of the dedicated virtual server, your chances of passing a PCL compliance test are much higher.


VPS hosting is a much more affordable solution than a dedicated server whilst offering a number of the same benefits. In spite of the dedicated server being only there to serve you, you can also cut on the costs by choosing a VPS hosting and still enjoy the same benefits. VPS also has a higher bandwidth, more security among other benefits.

Software Customisation

Shared hosting typically uses standard programs, so if you require more sophisticated applications then choosing VPS is a must. With VPS hosting, users have greater freedom for customising software and programming actions. It especially makes sense for programs requiring constant availability and high speeds like billing and bookkeeping.

Higher Uptime

Unlike shared hosting where resources are split between multiple sites, in VPS hosting websites have their own dedicated RAM and HDD. This helps to ensure higher uptime, meaning the site is accessible for clients as much as possible, maximising potential traffic and transactions. Constant site errors will discourage clients, prompting them to turn to sites offering better services. VPS hosting allows you greater peace of mind that such issues won’t come up.

Dependent on your needs, VPS hosting might just be the perfect solution for your website. A cost-effective option providing many of the same features that dedicated servers offer, VPS hosting is a valuable midpoint for many website owners.