Avid Media Composer, usually referred to simply as Avid, is a film and video editing system you can use on your Mac for editing both online and offline. Many Hollywood productions use Avid as their editing software, so you can be sure this is the choice of the pros. That being said, however, it can be a bit overwhelming to learn how to use at first. Avid doesn’t have to be intimidating when you understand how it integrates with a Mac. With a few Avid basics, you can be on your way to professional video editing.

What Makes Avid Stand Out

The reason Avid is one of the top choices for video tech services is because it has a wealth of features and capabilities that give professionals the results they need. It allows for script integration, surround mixing, project sharing, and a logical layout. This means you can work with fewer layers and in a more streamlined way.

The Right Computer Matters

If you need to use Avid for a professional video editing project or feature-length film, it’s essential that you have the right computer for the task. A Mac can provide the speed and versatility you need. For example, a MacBook Air is Apple’s smallest, lightest and thinnest laptop, which makes it very well-suited for editing projects on the go. Your Avid projects can be enhanced by MacBook Air accessories such as speakers, DVD drives, portable storage and wireless hard drives like the Apple AirPort Time Capsule.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Editing Keyboards

Editors know that time is money and they save lots of time by utilizing Avid’s many keyboard shortcuts. You could also invest in an editing keyboard with many of the most common shortcuts printed right on the keys.

Learning Avid basics is a great investment if you want to begin using what the pros use. When you use a Mac, you’ll have the right computer for making the most of the software’s features. For more information visit: http://www.melrosemac.com/