Apps For Finding the Best Free Bets in Australia

With unfettered access to betting on sports with an online bookmaker, Australian gamblers are now free to take advantage of the same free bet offers being made to sports gamblers in other parts of the world. With the right app, an Australian sports punter can get an opportunity to boost their wagering bankroll nearly risk free. The task at hand is finding the best free bets bookmakers.

App Selection Criteria

If you are in the market for free bets from a new bookmaker,  it’s important that you understand there are three important criteria that you should consider.

The first thing to consider is the reputation of the online bookmaker. It will of no value to you to be betting online with free bets if the bookmaker is engaging in dishonest or predatory practices. The best way to determine if a bookmaker’s reputation is intact is to visit a couple of “watchdog” websites that do periodic reviews and report on inconsistencies. Alternatively, there are plenty of renowned, name brand bookmakers operating down under, which should be considered safe havens.

Once you find an acceptable list of prospective bookmakers, it’s time to get down to business and start selecting the best free bets bookmakers that will best suit your needs. As the second criteria, you want to find bookmakers that offer the most lucrative bonuses as well as things like extra information on the horse races. All things equal, why would you select a bookmaker that’s offering a 100% matching free bet offer on $100 instead of bookmaker that is offering 150% under the exact same circumstances? You wouldn’t.

That brings us to the last criteria. The reason you might select the bookmaker offering 100% over the bookmaker offering 150% would be the terms and conditions. Some bookmakers offer big dollars, but diminish the value of that money by putting up restrictive terms and conditions, which make it difficult to turn the bonuses and/or winnings from bonuses into real money that can actually be withdrawn from your wagering account. You need to find a good balance of amount and restrictions.

Terms and Conditions

The one condition you need to look closely at is the rollover requirement. This is the number of times you need to wager the amount of the bonus amount and/or winnings before you can withdraw it. For sports punters, the standard rollover requirement is 3x the winnings from bonus bets. Anything less that that would favor the gambler while anything higher should be viewed as too restrictive. Other terms and conditions to be considered would be restrictions on how the money is to be wagered and any potential caps on the amount that can be claimed from bonus bets.

The Perfect Scenario
In a world where nothing is free, betting online with free bets is about as close as you’ll ever get to getting something for free. They key to creating the maximum amount of value from your wagering dollar is to create the perfect scenario.

It all starts with the right bookmaker. There are several of the world’s top online bookmakers now operating in Australia. They consistently offer a great selection of betting markets and options, which should provide you with the opportunity to wager on anything you want. If you can isolate the one that also offers a nice free bet matching percentage as well as the most player-friendly terms and conditions, you will be well on your way to finding the bet free bets online bookmaker.

Remember this. The online bookmaking industry is very competitive. With this in mind, most bookmakers realize they have to give you real value for you money. In a betting market where things favor the punter, it’s entirely up to you to do the work necessary to find the best app and establish a relationship with the bookmaker that best suits your needs.