History of Claim Disputes

While Amazon has given a great platform for e-commerce and online marketing, there are a lot of reports and notice claims that are sent towards most e-stores.

Amazon is not liable for identifying for real and counterfeit owners. They look at the documents completely, check for the selected ASINs and the named storefronts, and suspend or warn the seller causing the problem.

The company refuses to partake in the conflict between the rights owner and the accused seller unless they are legally compelled to. Most sellers on this platform will need to take their legal disputes outside their platform.

Amazon has the right to avoid the possibility that there are missing reports, counterfeit items, or fake items. But the effect of the marketplace is to stop any notion that a seller has complete control or protection throughout the entire process.

Types of Infringement Complaints

There are multiple types of complaints sent to Amazon to receive an evaluation or analysis. You need to know the difference between owner infringement and counterfeit items because Amazon handles them differently.

If it’s a counterfeit report, then Amazon will ask the counterfeiter if they have the proper documentation and the rights to the product. For instance, if you’re selling an inauthentic product, you must provide documentation to leading to your brand manufacturer as much as possible.

A copyright infringement complaint is when a buyer uses the other people’s texts or images without the correct authorization to be used on Amazon. Physical products, packaging, and product listings can’t include copyrighted images or content.

When a report copyright infringement amazon is made, it could lead to a warning and a product listing removal. Once you obtain too many copyright infringement reports, Amazon suspends your account, and you’ll need to repeal it.

Trademarks are words or symbols that’s owned by a specific brand or company. Buyers are unable to use them without being authorized. Trademark suspensions are more severe and can result into first time suspensions for the first offense, especially for large name brands such as Apple. Depending on the severity of the copyright infringement, and the quality of the brand’s complaint, Amazon will either warn, suspend or completely band your account.

How Does Amazon in Courts Due to Disputes?

There is a low chance that Amazon is effected during legal disputes between sellers. If sellers create report copyright infringement amazon, Amazon will lose sales because of the dispute. It’s just one small drop in the ocean of the multiple commissions and sales they receive daily.

However, if Amazon is sued, they will resort to their well-funded legal team. Are there sellers that are ready to do this? If the seller team does have the financial resources to do so, how long will it take for the case to settle? Will the smaller business legal team win?

But if Amazon does lose a lawsuit case because they took action on an inaccurate rights ownership claim or because they were unable to protect a certain rights owner, you’ll hear about it in the news. Until then, Amazon is a strong e-commerce platform that will keep itself protected against legal disputes.

Closing Thoughts

In the end, report copyright infringement amazon is prevalent, but it only affects the sellers that use their platform. For sellers, the best thing you can do is sell genuine products that don’t go against their terms of service. Doing so will protect you from losing your e-commerce business and continue to receive profits by using Amazon’s services.