Streaming content wirelessly is made easy with the Airtame. From any central place, an individual can monitor their WiFi signals. Using Cloud, it is easy to invite people to the organization so all admins who require the access can easily join.

Using discovery protocol, or home screen settings an individual can edit the settings easily for multiple devices.

Key features of Airtame are:

  1. Airtame Presentation App-helps to display the slides from the mobile device. Using AirPlay iOS mirroring in iPad, iPhone helps to share the entire screen from the mobile device.
  2. In case the streaming is not done, a user can set a KPI dashboard, slideshow, public website or custom image and can decide what is to be displayed.
  3. The wallboard is a web browser that works even when the PC is off.
  4. Simple options are available in settings like copy/paste a newly created URL in the settings and save to load a website or new image for changing the background.
  5. Because of wallboard option in Airtame, as long as the Airtame gadget is connected to the internet the displayed content stays update and refreshes.
  6. Easy remote management in Airtame Cloud, helps to monitor and manage devices without much risk. Hence stop following the support requests.
  7. Airtame Homescreen customizable came up with a streaming guide for the beginners. To show the individual branded image or dashboard, remove all the layouts.
  8. To help beginners to stream without going for IT help, Airtame is provided with Guide layouts which can be edited with regards to color and formatting style according to their wish.

Internal capabilities of Airtame are:

  1. Enterprise network- It supports uploading certificates and WPA2 Enterprise. Also can able to utilize both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks using inbuilt WiFi chips.
  2. Flexible powering- It is included with AC adapter or can connect directly to the TV using a USB cable or PoE.
  3. Supports VGA/DVI- Can sense the magic of wireless by connecting an adapter for DVI projector, and VGA projector.
  4. Ethernet Support- For extra stability can use the wired network. An ethernet adapter is still wireless from projector/TV or computer.
  5. Free Updates- As soon as the new features are updated, eventually that is on the not-so-secret roadmap.
  6. Free Support- On the social media platforms through a scheduled phone call and email, Airtame team is available to help at any cost.


Comparison between Clickshare and Airtame:

Clickshare and Airtame are quality wireless HDMI solutions customized to use professionally. Dissimilar to products like Apple TV and Chromecast, ClickShare and Airtame are focused for professional utilize. In any case, there are differences between ClickShare and Airtame that are imperative to know before purchasing.


  1.    Video streaming

Video streaming with ClickShare isn’t perfect, since that there’s no improved video mode to give a smooth video stream. For example, searching for a device that can complete 4K streaming, their CSE-800, $5.000 model offers to stream in 4K though most different devices go down to stream in Full HD.

Airtame offers a streaming alternative that is improved for video. This presents a difference of 1 second between your PC and the Airtame with screen or projector. That way, the video runs easily and the picture and sound are in sync. Can empower this upgraded video streaming by flipping sound on the streaming session.


  1.    Multiple screens vs multiple users

The key feature in Clickshare is that it can share the same TV screen for multiple users, aside from its plug and play property. Depending on the model the user buy, Clickshare can allow 4 or even 8 to 25 people share the computer screen on TV.

In Airtame, the only single user can stream at a time. Because it allows streaming the computer screen to multiple devices and screens only when the Airtame is plugged in and connected to the same WiFi.

Comparison between Apple TV and Airtame

Both Airtame and Apple TV are wireless devices that deal with streaming between a mobile device or computer to projectors and screens with HDMI ports. While Airtame is designed for businesses and schools and Airtame is designed for homely entertainment.

Dashboards vs Apps

To replace traditional TV and movies, Apple TV focuses on apps. With the apps provided by the Apple TV, when TV is on, one can access according to their wish which is related to movies and shows. Hence it is considered that Apple TV is said to be used for home entertainment.

For displaying a website, image or dashboard on a TV without any additional hardware, Airtame is designed with customizable Homescreen. Their Airtame’s Homescreen helps to easily overview all the Airtame devices. For different needs, digital signage solution is available. For an instance, can display upcoming events, calendar, a meeting or any other important data that the team needs to track.

Comparison between Airtame and Chromecast

By comparing both Chromecast and Airtame, it would be easy for an individual to know which one is the best.

These two devices are wireless and offer to stream between mobile devices or computer to screens and projectors with HDMI ports. For managing many devices from the Cloud, Airtame offers a free platform.

Airtame uses WPA2 Enterprise networks while Chromecast allows guests to stream without a home WiFi connection.

Enterprise vs WPA2

Airtame support both WPA2 and WPA personal networks that want both username and passwords. And it is used in educational institutions, hotels, and bigger companies. Chromecast failed in offering WPA2 Enterprise support.

Both Airtame and Chromecast broadcast themselves when connecting to a network. For security reasons, many schools and businesses block their broadcasting.

Airtame involved in solving this issue by typing the device IP address for the connection, which is displayed on the TV screens. But Chromecast failed to seek out this issue.


With the above features and comparisons of Airtame any individual or entrepreneur can make use of Airtame for streaming of data wirelessly with their team like Educators, IT admins, Students and IT intellects which in turn reduces their time in dealing with messy wires.