If you are hosting your business online, you will most probably know how important forms are. They are the most essential part of a business website. Be it new user signup, or existing customer feedback, or even customer contact information, all these data are collected via forms. Online forms help you connect with your customer base by gathering data input by them into forms. Any website design is incomplete without the integration of forms. But for those who have vague idea about coding, designing forms can be tough. This is where AidaForm comes handy. If you haven’t yet heard of the wonderful online form-building service provided by AidaForm, this post will provide you the exact idea.

What is AidaForm?

It is an online form building service that helps you design forms for your website without the hassles of coding. All you need to do is go over to their website, and create a customized form that best serves the needs of your business and website.

How Can AidaForm Help You?

It Provides Several Templates to Choose From

AidaForm has an array of websites for you to choose and design your form. You may wish to choose a signup form, or a contact form, or feedback form. You can also add options to upload documents through buttons in your form. For example, visit https://aidaform.com/forms/contact-form.html.

It Helps in Easy Integration of Forms with Your Website

Since you need not do any HTML coding for your forms, it becomes easier for you create and integrate the forms in your business website without the need of any server integration.

It Helps You Collect Customer Data

AidaForm uses services like MailChimp to help gather email ids from submitted forms.

It Helps Create More Responsive Forms

With a majority of users browsing on their mobile phones, AidaForm helps create more responsive and user-friendly forms.

It Instantly Sends Notification

This is perhaps one of the most interesting features of AidaForm. It sends you a notification everytime a visitor fills and submits a form on your website.

How Does AidaForm Help to Grow My Business?

Facilitates Email Marketing

Thanks to its integration with MailChimp, you can collect all the user data from your forms. You can then use the email ids to send important promotional messages to your customers.

Enables Creating High End Forms

Whether you wish to put your brand image and logo on the form, or make it equally responsive on mobiles and desktops, or collect CVs of interested candidates for job profiles in your company, AidaForm enables it all with their excellent online form-building service.

Helps in Easy Analysis of User Data

You can easily export data collected in forms to MS Excel or Google Sheets as data sheets. You can then segregate the data on various parameters to learn of your customers’ interests, and provide them information accordingly via emails.

Thus if you are looking to save your time and energy, yet design an efficient form for your business website, AidaForm is your call. Head over to their website for an enriching experience of creating some amazing forms perfect for all your needs.