The United States of America is a country that produces programs that often go on to become global phenomena. HBO is massive American television network that has a flair for making engrossing, addictive shows that capture the attention of the globe. Game of Thrones, True Detective, The Leftovers,West world, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Girls,Veep and Silicon Valley are just some of the programs that HBO have run in recent years. To give you an idea of just how universal the appreciation for some of these productions is: an average of 23 million viewers watched series 6 of Game of Thrones per episode.

HBO have recognised, quite rightly, that the medium of TV is evolving. Less people are tuning in based on scheduling, i.e. putting HBO on in time for the start of a program. The most popular way of viewing new programming is through online means or by recording to watch later. Platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime and HBOgo attract millions of monthly subscribers as they often freedom to watch shows in a way that fits in to your life. They also present advertisements in a much less intrusive way as well as listing entire series rather than weekly instalments.

This is great for everyone. The only problem is that HBOgo, the place where you can catch up on every episode of Game of Thrones and Curb your enthusiasm, is blocked for everyone that lives outside of America. Fans from around the world must rely on HBO selling the rights to channels that broadcast on their home country’s network to keep up-to-date with shows. This seems a little long winded in this connected and technological age.

Before now, if you wanted to use a reliable, legal and trustworthy platform like HBOgo and live outside of the US you were destined to be disappointed. If, for example, you lived in Germany and wanted to catch up on an episode of the hilarious Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBOgo you would be greeted with the message “To access HBOgo, you must reside within the 50 states of America.” Today, we have a great solution to this frustrating problem.

Using a DNS proxy cleverly gives your computer an American identity, so that any attempt to check your location will feed back to a DNS server located in the US. Simple, right? Well ok, maybe not simple… luckily there are tech companies out there that can handle all the backend IT jiggery pokery for you- so that a Game of Thrones fan in Berlin can have their very own HBO Germany.

Maybe you’re an IT guru and this stuff all makes perfect sense to you. The fact remains that the expense and logistics that go into getting an American IP address without some help is staggering. Using a DNS proxy that is secure, reliable and simple is really the only way to get complete access to a world of amazing TV.