Mac OS X has a good assortment of several different programs which can play the media files without any difficulty. Most of the time you can see that people are looking for some third party app which will enable them to operate some files more efficiently than the default ones. So Elmedia player is a video playing application which is available for Mac. So in this article we will be giving a review about the application in detail.

This is a media player which is loaded with several rich benefits. So it is better to opt for the installation of this application as you are definitely going to get a lot of added features and the money that you will be spending will be worth it.

 Streaming Media:

The key feature of this application is you can easily play any kind of music or video from the Elmedia to every devices which supports the Apple’s Airplay. It will not only provide you with the good cohesion but you will be able to enjoy any media.

Video downloader and built in web browser:

 You will be getting a built in web browser so you can easily open the videos or audios and download it from there. You can also download several videos which are shared in popular platforms like Vimeo or YouTube. In most of the online video sharing platform you will not always get the option of downloading them so this is a great platform of doing so.

Create stills and grab screenshots:

 While watching the video you will be able to click some screenshots of the ongoing video through Elmedia player. If you want more than one screen shot then you can create the stills by using the assortment of the images. This is one of the features which are searched by several users but unfortunately it is not provided in every applications.

 Supports plethora of video and audio formats:

  Elmedia player will not make you go through the hassle of unsupported formats. You can play different kinds of format with the help of this application which is not possible with most of the apps available in the market.

Search box:

 In this application you will get a search box where you can easily paste the link of several popular videos which are shared in other video sharing websites like Vimeo or YouTube. From there you can easily change the resolution and open it to watch it without any ads.

Browsing and playing online videos:

 The best part of this media player is you will get different version of this Elmedia player. You will be getting a standard store where you will get several app versions with more features and greater functionality.

Positive aspects:

  • Easy to use.
  • Comes with several added features.
  • You will get three distinct version for different types of user.
  • It can play different kind of file formats.
  • The interface is simple when it comes to navigation and is cohesive.

Negative aspect:

  •  Some user may find it difficult to understand in the beginning.