Small online businesses don’t have the resources to employ a web development team. There are a number of website builders available online, but choosing the best among them can get a little tricky. This article is about the website builders available online and their important features.

Important Features That A Good Website Builder Must Have


A good website builder should be easy to use and have features that are easy to find. These days, the website builders offer an application known as WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get. With this application, you can see what appears on the display screen and what’s printed on the document.


A good website builder should have in-built features that are needed to grow an online business. Sales and management features are the most essential as it helps in selling products online and growing the business.

Template Design

The website builder should offer a range of themes and templates for the user to choose from. It helps the user design the website according to their business type.


You need to decide on a budget for your business first. Based on the decided budget, you can select a website builder. For a small business, the following approximate figures are estimated:

  • $10 per year for a domain
  • $10-$100 per year for hosting
  • $500 per year for maintenance of the website

Customer Support

Being able to get the queries answered on time is something every user wants. Customer service is another important feature that a good website builder should provide.

Which Website Builder Is Better – Shopify Or Squarespace?

Shopify is one of the best ecommerce website builder available online. It has a broad set of business tools, a helpful inventory system and features that can help you grow your business.

Squarespace is known as the king of design in the market. It has plenty of templates and themes for you to choose from to design your website.

Here’s a comparison between Shopify and Squarespace that will help you choose the best website builder for your online business:


Having good features like template designs and easy-to-manage inventory is of no good if one doesn’t know how to use them.

Shopify lets you sell products across different platforms with its easy-to-use tools. It uses a simple language that lets you build your website easily.

On the other hand, Squarespace provides creative freedom but can get a little tricky to use. The homepage is simple but rectifying errors once you’ve saved your work can get difficult.

Better Design

Shopify provides a good choice of themes and templates. You get access to 10 free templates but if you want more templates, you have to pay for it. For the cost of $140-$180, you can get access to Shopify’s 50+ premium templates.

Shopify offers a range of themes and templates

Squarespace is the leading platform of design. Every theme and template provided by Squarespace is easy to use, sleek, modern and comes with key action buttons that can be easily identified.


One of the most important features of a website builder is the sales and management feature. These features cover everything including discounts, product details and more.

Shopify is known for selling products online and it provides apps for social media marketing. It offers a range of advertising, shipping, and accounting apps to scale up your business and lets you sell online across 10 different platforms.

Squarespace doesn’t offer marketing apps. The only social media platform you can use is Instagram. With the lack of options, scaling up the business can get a little difficult.

Pricing Plans

Shopify provides three monthly plans – Basic Shopify Plan at $29, Shopify Plan at $79 and Advanced Shopify Plan at $299. You can save more money by signing up for the annual plan. The prices would come down to $26.10 for Basic Shopify, $71.10 for Shopify Plan, and $269.10 for Advanced Shopify Plan.

Squarespace offers four monthly plans – Personal Plan at $16, Business Plan at $26, Basic Store Plan at $30, and Advanced Store Plan at $46.

Even though Squarespace is comparatively affordable, Shopify offers more tools and features which can be beneficial for your business.

Customer Support

Shopify offers 24/7 support via email, live chat and more. You can also get other customer support benefits with Shopify’s advanced plans.

With Squarespace, you need to visit their forum to get your problems resolved.

The selection of a website builder depends on the business. Shopify offers a lot of tools and features that mainly aim at growing your business. Squarespace provides beautiful templates and would be the perfect choice for a small business!

Make sure you check out the customer reviews before you make a choice. Customer reviews tell you more about a company than its website itself.