In this 21sr century, 3rd party applications quite making a big hit. They are not only the alternative to the app store or play store but they are more convenient than them. There comes a time where your megastore of applications eats up your device’s storage in that case you need an alternative to save space and yes the data too. Some of the applications don’t match your android criteria and you end up with disappointment and downloading that particular app from some 3rd party source which brings unpredictable treats to your device..So mega solution to all the problem is an alternative to play store. And the best competitor would be 9apps

What is 9Apps?

9apps is one hell of the global market for all the applications you want or you desired to be on your device. With lesser space than play store this one-stop destination for all your desired application lets you download any applications from a global market of all applications free of cost. Well on play store for some application you have to pay a price to get them but all the application here are free no price to pay. You get what you desire.

Features Of 9Apps

With a great super-easy user-friendly interface it is well categorized which helps you to navigate through the whole market in no time. Not only there are applications there are a bunch of themes,  HD wallpapers and best ringtones for your phone. Not only it enables you to download your desired applications but also allows browse through the top picks for your bucket list of applications. When you are downloading applications all you can do is to hit the install button because it does not ask you to full the android criteria that mean 9appps even works on the smaller version of androids. When downloading the application you actually download the app version of the file that means you don’t have to re-download it every time if it is needed afterward. Every application there comes with user’s ratings and descriptions to give you a tour before you actually download it. well, that may act as a cherry on the cake. with only 3.7mb of consumption and lighting fast downloading speed.9apps is one hell of the alternative standing against play store.

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How Is It Better?

  1. One-stop global market
  2. Categories and sub-categories to browse through various applications easily
  3. Simple interface and easy to use
  4. Lite and small
  5. Threat free application
  6. High speed downloading
  7. Best HD Quality wallpapers and ringtones
  8. Best recommendation list recommendations
  9. Daily update of best picks


Well, there are a lot of reasons why 3rd party applications are better and more convenient but with 9apps it’s only 3.7mb and play store is about 100mbs so, in that case, 9apps does not eat u more of your device’s storage. Some of the applications in the play store make u pay a price for some of your desired application and whereas with 9apps there is no price to pay. Everyone love one-stop destinations getting everything at a single place.9apps provides you with not only applications but millions of other things than applications but play store alerts you to fulfil the android criteria and provides you only applications.

How to download the applications?

Well with lighting speed and lite interface it’s easier to download and navigate through applications in no time

  1. Download the 9Apps apk from any trustable source

2 after downloading run the application

  1. Install the application
  2. After installing, open the application
  3. Browse through the categories and sub-categories
  4. Read the descriptions and features
  5. With one click, download AND ENJOY THE AWESOMENESS the application