College students require authentic sources to study and score good grades at exams. Some useful resources will not only save time and efforts but also ease the educational process. In this post, check out nine great digital resources for college students.

  1. Evernote

It is a useful tool for students whether they are doing a Ph.D. or pursuing MS in computer science. You can easily organize the courses and assignments in the specific notebooks. Keep your notes from the labs, lectures, projects into the same notebook. Use the Evernote camera to capture the handwritten notes or whiteboard notes. In fact, you can record the lectures as well to study later.

  1. Grammarly

It is the must-have app if write often. The resource can be used in the form of extension and it corrects mistakes everywhere you write in the internet browser. It corrects grammar, punctuation, style of writing and misspelled words. You can effectively use this resource for proofreading essays. In order to take aid in essay writing, you can take help of PaperDueNow. This will help you to score good marks in the tests.

  1. Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is an automated program that converts spoken words into text. It is extremely helpful for users who have difficulty writing down their thoughts and ideas. It removes the pressure students feel when they have so much to write about. The resource is effective in creating the first draft or writing simultaneously while speaking the ideas outloud.

  1. Coursera

It provides universal access to online courses partnering with the top universities and colleges. There is speedy learning where students take half the time than other traditional courses. The lessons provide more engagement and motivation to master their educational skills. There is an improved attitude with learning. Courses are taught by the experts who have the experience and they combine different technology such as multimedia which is better than traditional courses.

  1. GoConqr

It is an effective app for visual learners through mind maps, flashcards, flowcharts, quizzes, and notes. You can create your own study materials with useful tools and user-generated content. The best part is you can connect with the like-minded people around the world. GoConqr offers the creative learning experience with the virtual library having educational resources. It is an easy and fast platform to use.

  1. SimpleMind

SimpleMind is an outstanding app for simplifying the process of structuring, presenting and analyzing your thoughts. The solution is compatible for cross-platform devices so that you can easily work on PC, Mobile or tablet. It provides the mind mapping solution which is helpful in organizing the ideas and customize the appearance of mind maps. Most importantly, it automatically adjusts the topic within the mind map avoiding it to look messy and cluttered.

  1. Saylor

Saylor provides completely free online classes for numerous subjects. The main focus of Saylor is to provide free education accessible to everyone. The classes are specifically designed to allow students learning at their own pace. There is information for students who are attending a university and a possibility to make a choice from 300 courses. Students need to create an account, choose a course and start the learning process.

  1. MyStudyLife

It is the best app for planning and staying informed about exams and assignments with its to-do lists. The resource is particularly useful for those students who manage their college routine and need to accomplish complex tasks. The tool is effective in managing stress, developing organizational skills and managing responsibilities for studies.

  1. Pinterest

The resource is specifically useful for those who are visual learners. It is an effective medium for brainstorming ideas and collaborating for projects with colourful infographics and images. Saving pins and creating boards is a unique way to study and perform researches for assignments. Students can also get the citation from the pins which they can use for the research during project submission. They can make a portfolio of the topics of their interest and can access it anywhere anytime.

These are nine useful digital resources for college students. They should utilize them to stay organized, informed and meet the deadlines for the assignments and perform better in tests.