It can be difficult to go about your day without a mobile phone. To make sure that this device will be as useful to you as possible, it’s best to get a smartphone through a call and data plan. A good mobile phone plan comes with different services and features, allowing you convenient connectivity 24/7.

However, signing up for mobile offers or plans should be done with careful thought because not all such programs are created the same. You need to study different offers first to determine which one would meet your unique requirements. Perhaps, you may even want to consider a customized plan (if service providers offer customization); this way, the features it contains can effectively target your needs and wants.

So, when considering a mobile phone plan, make sure to ask a lot of questions. In doing so, you will be able to compare plans effectively, and at the same time, avoid any surprise costs.

What types of questions should you ask? Listed below are eight helpful examples:

Q1 – “Is there a cap on the plan and what is the cost of cancellation?”

This is something you need to get serious answers for because there are plans that last for much longer than is comfortable for a user.

Likewise, find out how much you will have to pay should you decide to have the plan canceled before the contract period. Typically, service providers will ask you to pay the total amount of fixed charges for the remaining months in the cap, and then some.

When you get the answers to this question, you will be able to decide if the plan is to your liking or not.


Q2 – “How much do I really have to pay every month?

Some mobile phone plans come with hidden fees; these typically just come as a surprise when you get the monthly bill. These hidden fees are rarely included in the advertisement for the mobile phone plan. They can be for anything like installation, repair and maintenance, and others.

Ask the service provider what additional charges are usually included in the monthly bill on top of the base price tag of the plan.


Q3 – “Are there upgrade options?”

Always inquire if long-term contracts or plan renewals come with upgrades. It’s always good to know if you can eventually get a new phone and new services, especially when you renew a contract.


Q4 – “How much data do I really need?”

This is crucial if you need to stay connected to the internet frequently for work. Plus, if the mobile phone plan offers daily internet, it definitely helps to know how fast the daily internet service is.

The key here is to choose a plan with a data allocation that fits your level of data usage.


Q5 – “How reliable is the network service in my area?”

A fully packed plan at an affordable price is no good if the network service is poor in your area.

You can ask people who use the same service provider about the quality of the network service in your location. Alternatively, you could inquire about going through a trial period just to make sure that your area gets a strong network signal.


Q6 – “What are all the services included in the plan?”

Inquire about the full range of services covered by the plan, as well as how to take advantage of them. Usually, you must register first to ensure free use of those services.

Don’t forget to ask the service provider about their registration procedure. You want to understand the steps involved, so you can avoid making the mistake of using certain programs a different way and accumulating extra charges because of it.


Q7 – “Is this plan ideal for my budget?”

Make sure you can make monthly payments easily. Fees and interests can accumulate from delayed payments.


Q8 – “How much do I need to pay for going over the limit?”

Know how much it will cost you when your data and call consumption exceeds the plan’s allocation. If you do the math of overlimit costs, it may prove to be more cost-effective to just choose a more expensive plan.

Once you get all the answers to these eight questions, deciding which plan is best for you will surely become much easier.