SalesForce is the world’s best Customer Relation Management platform. It manages contact information and integrates social media and real customer collaboration with the help of chatter. SalesForce certification implies that personalized interactions with the customers are done. Thus the communication between the customers is enhanced. It helps to increase the employee productivity.


1] KNOW EVERY CUSTOMER’S STORY INSTANTLY– SalesForce centralization brings every customers interaction in one system this implies the history of relation with the customer that is the product they own, the purchase they made, reason they called any other detail. This reduces the botheration of explaining every time the reason of call or the enquiry made and thus leads to a happy and stress free relation with the customer.


2] FIND MORE HIGH VALUE LEADS– SalesForce analyses your current and past customers so you can easily get the information regarding the potential customers. All information regarding the likes and dislikes and their preferences about social media platforms can also be assessed. All this leads to better and efficient marketing. It saves energy and resources as now only communications with the target customers can be made who are similar to your current customer group.


3] ANALYSE THE NEEDS OF CUSTOMERS EVEN BEFORE THEM– The great online brands try to get into personalized communication. They tend to prove that they know the customer intimately. They make the customer feel that they are unique. They try to figure out the needs of the customer for a particular good or service even before them with the help of data information. This information takes you a step ahead and helps you to probe into the conversation of needs of the customers even before they realize so and they are happy with the personal touch and concern.


4] LEADS ALL MARKETING CAMPAIGN ONE TO ONE– Communicating with large groups of customers with the single marketing campaign is an outdated approach. Today the Importance if each and every individual customer cannot be ignored. In the present scenario marketing has gone a level up and reached up to the specification of an individual customer. The salesforce marketing cloud helps you to shape and plan these journeys and then achieve the goals.


5] CONSTRUCT APPS IN 20 MINUTES- The business activities have increased in leaps and bounds. The diversification of activities has multiplied. The managers and staff are constantly striving to dive in to the important business matters. Therefore in this scenario the benefits of custom built apps cannot be overlooked. SalesForce cloud app is a one complete ecosystem thereby anyone in the business can explore discover and easily draft their unique apps for specific purposes that can be easily assessed with the help of clicks.


6] BUILD COMMUNITIES– Coming up with communities around the products and services takes a step further to personalizing the experience for each individual member. The SalesForce community cloud helps to build an easily accessed online community. This kind of forums helps the customers to ask the questions, discuss the products, and share the reviews and ideas. This implies that the customers get in contact with one another and get their issues solved and help the service representatives to focus on more grave issues. Moreover the business can capitalize on these ideas and discussions to analyze the needs of the customer.


7] FEEL SMALL, LOOK BIG– With the overdependence and use of mobile internet, the business practices have changed significantly. The major corporates are expected to provide personalized services as the small businesses do. This could have been possible only by the help of SalesForce clouds of data analysis, artificial intelligence, automation and artificial intelligence. Thus the need of hiring an IT team does not arise and thus saves the funds also.
Similarly the small businesses are also expected to offer systems and technology to help to ease the lives of the customers as the big corporates did. Irrespective of the size of business SalesForce focuses on enhancing and providing delightful and consistent customer experience.

Above all Sale Force helps you to connect with your customers in a complete different way. The customers are reached out in ways that helps them to be satisfied and delighted at each and every aspect. It helps in connecting with the customers and then finally helping to realize the business goals with the help of increased sales. The customers are also at ease with the help of self- service sites and this also helps to manage the situations at very fast speeds due to the availability of data.  So get going to make the best of the SalesForce certification, world’s best Customer Relation Management platform.