With the growing internet usage towards social media interactions, it has become inevitable to hire a social media marketing professional for an online business. These days, all businesses want to be on the top of their lists by becoming popular through the trending social media platforms.

Social media marketing has proved to be very effective and favourable so far. Hence, the demand of social media marketing professionals have increased multi fold within a very short span of time.If you are considering to employ a social media marketing professional for your online business, these are the things you must ensure before hiring the right person:

1) Level of experience

It is very important to find out if the social media marketing professional that you are about to hire, has done a legitimate course in social media training or not. If yes, then you must ensure that they have ample experience in the field for active engagement. The level of experience of the professional will speak about whether or not they can effectively market your company in the social media platforms.

2) Understanding of the market

Social media consultants should be capable of thoroughly understanding your line of work and your target market. So you must ask them relevant questions to see how much general knowledge they have regarding your market. You also need to determine whether they have written any significant papers, articles or blog posts about the latest trends in your industry.

3) Connections in the industry

It will be ideal if the social media marketing professional is already connected to your industry influencers, for building customer awareness of your company’s products and services.  You should also ask for the names of their existing or ex-clients. Then you can call them up or send emails to their current clients to find out how well they work.

4) Work examples

You must also ask about their current and past examples of work to get an idea about their authenticity, capability and proof of their work. You can request for links to current online examples or past portfolio samples to assess their social media initiatives. You can look for engaging campaigns that have resulted in effective brand exposure and productive sales leads suited to you target customer base.

5) Social media tools

Before hiring a social media marketing professional, you must find out which tools they use to measure the ROI of the online campaigns.  A genuine social media manager backs up their endeavours with metrics and analytics that show the ROI. Going through simple things such as number of likes, followers, comments and fans will give you an idea to analyse the conversion rates. You can even suggest your own custom tracking methods or standard tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Klout for managing calculations on social media.

6) Social media campaign ideas

You need to discuss with the consultant what sort of social media campaign ideas they have for your business. They should be willing to discuss what type of social media strategies they could cultivate for you. You need to know how they will deal with social media actions, reactions and interactions.  Campaigns such as Facebook ads, Pinterest contests, poll games or hash tag campaigns on Twitter will boost your brand name.

7) Handling social media crisis

Social marketing campaigns may go wrong any time, even if you are careful about your posts. You must know how consultants would tackle a social media disaster or avoid one.

A social media marketing expert should be someone who can create your brand awareness, draw traffic to your website, and boost your company’s reputation.