Essentially, debt happened because you bought the idea that you needed a lot of things in your life to not feel poor and these things you needed immediately. Today, you will realize that all those ideas are ridiculous and that you do not need the debt to live a lifestyle by your dreams. here’s an insanely long list of passive income ideas, if you decide to follow these ideas, you will surely reduce several years at your age to retire as you dream:


  1. Stop Buying Things You Will Not Remember In A Week

This is, perhaps, the biggest lesson you will learn about your finances. If you are going to buy something that you will not remember within 8 days, you should not spend your money on it. If you do it and forget it completely, you will be throwing your money into oblivion.

The only things that will be completely forgotten, and in which you should spend your money, are your basic needs-food, clothes, and a roof to sleep on.

Let’s take an example: People usually have an event they enjoy, remember and that they find memorable-like having a delicious coffee with a friend-and, they start repeating it and repeating it until it ceases to be memorable.

It becomes normal and something you will forget, and it turns out that when you have an extra expense and turn it into something recurring, you are literally wasting your money.

Even special purchases can easily be forgotten: your first book This year can be memorable, but the number 30? You do not even know where in your library it is.


  1. Rent, And Do Not Buy, Your Place Of Residence

Yes, the dream of many includes buying a house or apartment of their own. The problem is that many people have to mortgage their lives to live their dream. These people decide to borrow from quotas that limit their lifestyles, limit their room for maneuver and the range of decisions they can make.


Additionally, these fees are accompanied by the payment of taxes, insurance, administrative expenses and others. The result is that many homeowners end up cornered; having a house they love and very little money to live or to save for the future. And the solution they have for this is to embark on new debts to buy a car and furnish their dream.


It’s a complicated alternative: people are forced to lead a very tight life, where they must keep their job, or everything else in their life falls apart.


A much more attractive and lighter alternative is to rent instead of buying, and rent is cheap. Analyze the place where you live based on the activities you do there; prepare your food, eat, sleep, clean, basic needs and forget about those occasional events like a party with your friends.


  1. Consider Other Means Of Transportation

Mentally strong, mental strength, this does not mean you should forget about having a car; each person lives special situations, and for some, a car is a mandatory tool. If you live in a rural area, for example, it’s complicated to live without having this means of transport.


However, and to the extent possible, your first means of transportation should be somewhat less expensive than a vehicle. Your car should be a support. What other options? You have public transport, a bicycle, your feet, in many cities of the world this is more than enough.


The reason to opt for this is that the new cars are very expensive, so they are paid in cash since you have implicit expenses such as taxes, insurance, gasoline, and maintenance. So if you can live without these expenses, you will save large amounts of money.

In the case that you need a car, do not buy a new one! Choose a second hand one and handle it until it breaks apart, and when that happens, choose another second car. Continue this cycle and save $ 100 per month for your next change, this will allow you always to have enough money to buy your next car.


  1. Use The Libraries To Entertain Yourself

Many people often imagine libraries as desert places, sad and with a bitter librarian shouting at everyone asking for silence, these people did not visit a library for a long.

The current libraries have different types of books for all types of readers, from children to seniors, from history books to science fiction, any book you can imagine is in this space of knowledge.


Libraries also have movies, videos and didactic materials that can help you learn new topics in a more entertaining way. The best part is, all these resources are free, and you do not have to pay a penny for them. Movie, book, magazine or audio, consider the library in your city- if they have it for free, why spend your money?


  1. Find Hobbies Outside Your Home

A hobby outside your home has multiple purposes. On the one hand, it takes you out of your house and serves your physical health; You will feel better, you will have more energy and keep medical conditions under control.

On the other hand, most of these hobbies (not all) are not so expensive; some only require some shoes and time, or maybe one or two equipments, such as football.

Inclusively, hobbies outside your home are inherently social activities; It’s very easy to participate in them in a group: football, basketball or volleyball team playing in a park is a purely social activity.


If you do not know where to start in this hobby, think of activities that you like to do on the street and just go and do it, invite some friends, it will be more fun.

It is very likely that your community has some organizations, clubs or groups that you have never heard of and that may interest you. The key is to find them and leave laziness in your house.

Most of these events have no cost and have many benefits such as expanding your social circle and adding new tastes to your activities outside the home.


  1. Make Some Sense To Your Wardrobe

One of the biggest challenges is clothing. Many young professionals have the expectation of dressing up very well, which translates into significant expenses for your credit card. Fortunately, there is an intelligent solution for this.

Have a smart wardrobe: The only thing you have to concentrate on your closet is the number of sets or pants that can work. For example, if you say these pants only look good with this shirt, then both garments represent a single set that you can go to work with. If you add another shirt, this will remain only one.

It would be different if you said that these pants look good with these five shirts, which implies that you have 5 possible sets to go to work. If you add another shirt, you will have 6 ѕеtѕ. Yоu could go a lіttlе furthеr and say еасh оf thеѕе 5 pants look good with each of these 5 shirts, which means you have 25 potential sets to go to your work. Even if you add one more shirt, you will have 30 sets.


  1. Look For Second Options First

It’s a pretty simple rule, and even then, people do not follow it: Any time you buy something, invest a little of your time looking for a used item before you pay for a new item. Are you about to buy a television? Before going to Amazon and sink Buy Now, look for second alternatives that can serve you, look in your city for a place where sell used things, a friend may be selling one, there are many alternatives that can help you save a few dollars.


The same story happens with anything you want to buy, from furniture, dishes to appliances; It is very likely that they are selling something second hand that can accommodate your needs. The point is that you will never find if you do not do the task of searching.



All these changes that you have just read, you can do without affecting the quality, or lifestyle that you want to lead: you will continue living memorable moments and living the life you want to remember. The one single thing you have to do is to live it intelligently, avoiding falling into that cycle of never-ending debts that will end up binding you for life to a job.