IPhone rules!

As per Statista, Apple sold about 212 million IPhones in 2016 and this was a decrease from the previous fiscal year.

International Data Corporation(IDC) puts IPhone market share at around 15% by the close of the first quarter of 2017.

IPhone is still a valuable brand and most fanatical clients flock apple stores to get each generational iteration the company puts out.

Accidents do happen, but what to do in case you have iPhone battery challenges or you crack the screen of your valued IPhone?

Here’s a short guide to help you separate the wheat from the chaff when looking for reputable iPhone repair shops:

  • Accessibility – Any serious IPhone repair company will make it easy to access them. This is both physically and online. Imore encourages one to seek the iPhone repair company website, Facebook or Instagram page to get a feel of how they are. You should also check out the feedback from other customers. For example, Cell Phone City iPhone specialist have a good online presence that gives enough information on where they are.
  • Peer referrals – Have a look online or otherwise on past clients. In case you find several complaints, take your business elsewhere. If possible, seek to know things like the amount the client paid and the time it took to repair the phone.
  • Contacts – This is still part of accessibility to some extent. But if you need to ship your iPhone, is there credible contact information, especially a known physical address?
  • Client feedback – There should be comprehensive ways to get feedback. Some companies provide a reference number that one can use online to follow the repair progress. Others have dedicated customer care reps that inform you on the status of your phone. It is your right to ask what kind of client feedback support they provide, especially if you are told your phone repair may take a couple of days.
  • Openness-Most reputable iPhone repair specialists are open with information. Most actually give a free damage appraisal and quotation. If the specialist is dodgy as to what ails your iPhone and the mode and cost of repairs, back off. You can even go to the extent of asking about the suppliers of the parts needed for your phone. Some iphone repair specialists are not afraid to show that they source quality spare parts.
  • Work warranty – Any good specialist will be confident enough to provide some warranty on work done. This can be a little as 90 days or more depending on the work done .But this goes a long way in assuring the clients that you have their back.
  • Gut feeling – You may have done all the above but you still have that niggling feeling at the back of your mind concerning that specialist. Heed it. Don’t mail that phone!