Let’s be honest…not everyone is great with technology. The trends can be difficult to keep track of, as the world of technology is constantly changing, undergoing upgrades and leaps that would have shocked our grandparents. When you’re no good at keeping up with the digital communication trends, here are some ways you can stay in touch.

1. Conference Calling Services

Starting with the basics is usually a good reference point, so we thought it was a good idea to start with conference calling services. Why? Because they’re simple, effective, and have made quite a come-up in the last decade.

Conference calling services connect you with anyone anywhere in the world via the internet, just like a telephone but without the restrictions or extra costs of international calling. Keeping up with those digital teams has never been easier.

Most calling services provide worldwide access, a large number of call participants and other extras like operator assisted calls and even free call recording. Conference calls will only run you a flat rate (no more international charges) and usually, it’s a monthly rate so you can make as many calls as you like for a fixed dollar amount.

If you’re no good at digital communication, try this modern spin on the old school conference calls. You’ll feel right at home with the traditional phone call sound on a high-tech interface.

2. Use Video Conference Calling

If you’re craving that face to face interaction with your digital team, you’ll want to give video conference calling a try. Many of the conference calling services we mentioned provide this as an additional service in their packages.

You’ll be able to see your team members in crisp, clear, HD quality video. It’ll be as if they’re right there in the room with you! In addition to the video services, you’ll also be able to share files and links via the chat box.

While there are dozens of free services (including Facebook Messenger’s video call service), if you’re already paying for digital conference calls, you might as well utilize the HD video calling as well. After all, sometimes you just need to see a face when you’re talking to someone.

3. Cloud Sharing

The days of uploading and downloading files onto a flash drive and physically handing them to your team members are about at an end. With cloud sharing, this practice is soon to join the myriad of other digital trends that have become outdated.

While we’re certainly not knocking the old flash drive practice of sharing, there is an easier way. Cloud sharing is a great service that allows (almost) unlimited storage space on a cloud server, meaning anyone you grant permission to can access files from anywhere with an internet connection.

Most services have cloud storage embedded in them. Wireframing tools for digital designers, conference calling tools, team management apps, these all include some form of cloud storage. Digital sharing has never been easier or faster.

4. Team Management Software

If you’re looking to add some organization and accountability to your digital team’s communication practices, then you’re looking for team management software. Dozens of these services have popped up in the last decade or so, though they share the same basic principles.

Team management software essentially allows you to manage your team members, their projects and deadlines, and team communication from a single interface. Everything you need is right in one place.

You can assign projects and set deadlines, and everyone on the team can see who’s responsible for what. The in-app communication allows you to send and receive messages right in the interface, so there’s no extra effort required to stay in touch.

5. Web Conference/Meeting Software

If you’re looking to host a webinar or other type of meeting with your digital team, then you’ll want to check out the latest online web conference software. This is essentially video chat software, conference calling, cloud sharing, and team management all in one.

You can host training sessions, webinars, and more via online services. Each participant will be connected via HD video, and have access to all of the training materials you provide within the interface.

Collaboration has never been simpler with this intuitive and easy to use interface. Many of the services offer a monthly rate for unlimited meetings, or if you’re only looking to do a few meetings per year, you can pay as you go. Either way, this is definitely something to try out this year.

6. AI Assistant

So let’s say you’re more traditional and want to use emails to communicate. That’s all well and good as long as you remember to reply to them, and let’s be honest, that can be difficult when you’ve got a large team to manage.

When you’re having trouble keeping dates and replying to emails, cue AI Assistants. AI assistants are exactly what they sound like: digital assistants that work within an artificial intelligence system to help you better manage things like email and scheduling.

Google already has an AI assistant that integrates with its Gmail and Google Calendar app to provide reminders and reply to emails, but there are dozens of others to choose from as well. Why track everything when your assistant can do it for you, and more accurately?

Stay Updated

It’s important to stay updated with communication trends so you don’t fall by the wayside. Keep up to date with the ever-changing communication world and keep an eye out for groundbreaking services so you can be the first to utilize them. Your team will be grateful for the modernization, and you’ll find communication becomes much less complicated when you’re aware of all the ways to participate in it.